Facebook for iPhone - what a pain!

My wife is struggling with her Facebook application since it keeps asking her to turn on location services, every 5-10 seconds. We don’t want to let it do that, what can we do? I’m an Android user, so I’m useless to her, and Google tells me not very much.

Is location services turned on? Facebook uses that so you can “check in” by selecting known locations nearby.

Or is t the case that you don’t want to ave location services active and just want to get rid of the prompts?

Location services is deliberately turned off, and we don’t have much interest in turning it on. I heard it would stop prompting if you accepted it twice, so I tried enabling it briefly, but the moment we turn location services off, it starts prompting again. I’m pretty sure this is the point where all we can do is blame the app.

This seems odd. I have location services for the Facebook app switched off and it never asks me to turn them on, unless I try to “check in”. What version is she using?

I have the same experience as Colophon. I keep my overall location services turned on, but I turn off location for each application individually and just turn it on for that app when I need or want to. Some apps, like Maps, routinely prompt, but Facebook doesn’t.

Android user, but I’ve had some apps act funny. Deleting the app then reinstalling has been successful for me in fixing the problem.

Same here. I’m guessing that the OP has all location services disabled using the global setting, which may behave differently (although it really shouldn’t).

She said she updated recently, so I assume she’s using the newest one. And you’re right, we have location services disabled globally. Can anyone else verify if Facebook prompts them similarly?

I just tried it, and so far haven’t gotten any prompts to enable location services. When I click “Check In” it shows a screen saying location services are turned off, but it’s not the pop-up notification I think you’re talking about.

(iPhone 4 with IOS 4.3.5, running version 3.5 of the Facebook app)

If you haven’t done this already, you might want to try enabling location services globally, then disable the setting for Facebook, and then disable globally again. Might be a conflict where the app thinks location services should be enabled based on its own setting, and keeps popping up the notification because you’ve got them disabled globally.

On a similar vain: does anyone know how I can get my newsfeed in chronological order?

No idea about the iPhone app, but Better Facebook does this in most browsers (except IE) on a desktop http://betterfacebook.net/

Hi! I had that same problem. It was very annoying because it popped up every 12 secs. I deleted the app from my phone and then reinstalled it. It hasn’t popped up since. Hope it works for you too