Facebook Group Question

So I finally succumbed to Facebook and set one up. I need to know if I can do the following and how:

I want to post information to my facebook that is only viewable to people whom I personally approve of and is NOT viewable in any way on the general page or to the larger group of people who are my facebook pals or whatever.

Here is the reason if it helps. I’m going to AFGN in Oct and want to keep certain friends and fam updated on how I’m doing and what not without having to email all of them but I don’t want just anyone who can see my facebook page to know I’m gone. I don’t want just anyone to know that my family is home alone for many months for obvious reasons.

So I see there are “groups” on there. Can I make a group, invite the people I want into it and post info in there that only they can see? I kind of want a “private” area to post things for a subset of my overall group of pals.

I hope this makes sense. If not I can try to explain better.


Yep, you make what’s called a ‘secret group’. Go to the groups section, click on ‘create a new group’ at the top left, fill in the details on the step 1 screen which is for Group Info (name of the group, category, etc). Then on step 2, which is called Customize, you can choose to add a group picture and some other stuff. At the bottom of step 2 it has options for access, and you can make the group open, closed or secret. Choose secret, then on step 3 you invite only the specific people you want to invite, and only those people will even be able to find out the group exists. :slight_smile:

Nice. Sounds like it’s just what I’m looking for. So can I still put pictures and messages and whatnot inside the group? Same as the regular facebook pages?

You can also make the details of your page not viewable to anyone except your “friends”. Mine is like that.

I made my Facebook page completely private. You can’t even find me if you searched for my name. Works pretty well. People who friend my friends can see my name, but certainly not anything I post on my own page. So I would say just go to the settings and make it for ultra privacy.

That’s not what he wants, because he doesn’t even want all of his “friends” to be able to see what he’s writing about AGFN.

As far as the secret group goes: yes, it’s a normal group in every way - people can post images, links, wall posts etc to it, and you can send a private message to everyone in the group at once - but the only people who can see the group are the people you invite to it. It’s what most people do when they go traveling or something and want to keep certain close friends updated on what they’re doing.