Facebook has Global Groups now.

If you use Facebook, they new global groups are pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Facebook wasn’t showing much Straight Dope love, so I went to the liberty of creating a Straight Dope group. If you have a Facebook account, come and join!

I’ll take a look for it.

Just joined. Id wondered if there were any SDers on Facebook, guess there are a few.

I thought about doing that too. Thanks! Be sure to put Dopefest announcements up there.

Great idea, raz! I’m on there now too. :slight_smile:

How the heck to you join Facebook? I tried doing it through high school, college, and work and it won’t let me since I am not using my school or work e-mail address (I am 8 years out of college, and am not going to use my work email). How do you join this thing?

I think you have to have a valid school e-mail address, and I know that my community college disabled my email address once I graduated so maybe that’s what is happening with you.

cool beans, raz, I just joined. How do we all know who we are?

never mind…

I joined!

One of the cool things about working at a college is having a .edu e-mail addy.

I joined. Am I going to get stalked and murdered now? Oh boy oh boy!

You can set up another email as your “contact address” so your work email won’t get cluttered with friend requests and such. You just need to use your work address to get signed up.

Do you want to be?

Yes, by a 1920s-style death ray, of course.

I joined.

I’m in.