Facebook Mafia Wars property math questions

Ok, I’m a bit deficient in math skills, but I’m fairly sure there’s an answer for what I’m looking for. How do I calculate the most efficient property for me to buy? I want to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Am I looking for something other than efficient? Maybe just aggressive?

NY properties have a static hourly income (i.e Valu-Mart at $10,000 per hour and Mega Casinos at $3,000,000 per hour). The costs for these, as well as the land they’re built on, increase at what I believe to be a uniform rate. I have been comparing costs to hourly income to determine relative value, but the hourly rate is being neglected in my calculations.


A 5 Star hotel costs me $874,000,000 and earns $200,000 per hour, 874,000,000/200,000 = 4370

A Mega Casino costs me $1,558,000,000 and earns $300,000 per hour 1,558,000,000/300,000 = 5193

This tells me that for one hour, the 5 Star is a better value, but I’m pretty sure that over time the initial cost will be offset by the long term gains if I buy the Mega Casino. I was trying to weight my final numbers (in this case 4370 and 5193) by a common factor but that’s when the numbers started diverging at an unbelievable rate.

4370/2 = 2185 5193/3 = 1731

Given this scale it seems that I might be always better off buying the higher yielding Mega casino, but the costs increase for every property bought.

Is there a formula I can use? Because this is a bit beyond my simple mathematic comprehension.

Your formula gave you how many hours it will take to earn back the property bought (before going positive). Your formula has money/(money/hour) where the money’s are eliminated leaving only hours (which is flipped to the top half of the fraction).

You are correct, going to infinity the mega casinos are the best value. However, I only have so many hours/day/years to play the game. At some point, it would take several years for a mega casino to pay dividends but maybe a week for the 5-star casino.

I try to keep the ratio of costs the same with the ratio of payment, that way I have about an equal amount of time before the property becomes positive.

From your example:
payment of the 5-star is 2/3 the payment of the Mega casino
Therefore cost of the 5-star should be about 2/3 the payment of the Mega casino however you notice that $874,000,000/$1,558,000,000 is 0.569 or less than 2/3. You should buy more 5-star hotels until the ratios approach 2/3.

This makes sense because 5-stars (from your example) take less time to pay back their money. (4370 hours versus 5193 hours)

I hope this made sense.

Aha. Thank you.
That’s more of less what I’ve been doing, but I couldn’t quite figure out if that was the best way to be doing things, or the most practical. Thanks again.

bear in mind that you will also have repair and protection cost in there that will increase the costs over time. Those are based on proerty value so will be more expensive for a Mega Casino then for a 5-star hotel.

Not since they got rid of robbing a couple of months ago. They implied it was temporary, but I’d be surprised if it came back.