Facebook - near constant notifications from one person

Or: what are they doing, and how can I get it to stop?

One of my friends seems to spend a good part of the day on Facebook, either updating their status or sharing links. For some reason, I get a notification every time that they do this. I’d like to know how they do this and what can I do on my end to keep the notifications at least down to a minimum number.

If possible, I’d rather not ask them to do anything as I’m afraid that it might come off as an insult.

Click on the drop down triangle in the upper right next to Home.
Select Account Settings
Then on the left side, click on Notifications.
Go down to Other Updates from Facebook.
Uncheck a couple of things.

I had two “friends” who would carpet bomb me with game requests despite rather pointed and less than friendly messages telling them to knock it off.

If you want to block that sort of thing, click on the drop down and go to Privacy Settings. Then at the bottom, choose Blocked People and Apps - Manage Blocking. In the center is Block App Invites. Enter their names. You will no longer get app invites from them.

Thanks, “show in news feed” seems a likely candidate…

I prefer to call it spam.