Facebook Privacy Question

I have a Facebook account to communicate with family and friends, but I don’t necessarily want much information out there. I know I can restrict information from showing to friends only, friends of friends, etc., but I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet.

Is there a setting that will prevent me from showing up on someone else’s friends list? For example, let’s say I am friends with Bob. Bob has his settings configured so that anyone can see who his friends are. Will my name show up on that list, or is there a setting on my end that will prevent me from showing up on his friends list to the outside world?

AFAIK, you cannot control how you show up on someone else’s friends list. It’s not “your” information to control, that is owned by your friend.

True… you could always switch to a fictitious name, and remove your photo though. I never understand why privacy is such a large issue. Are you in contact with someone you shouldn’t be?

It’s not a huge issue, but there are some friends of friends who I would prefer to not be reminded of my existence. They can’t really see anything about me (such as contact info), so again, not that big of an issue, I was just wondering if there was a way to hide myself from them. It seems that, short of creating a page with a ficticious name, the answer is no.

You can block those that you don’t want to know that you “exist”. That way they won’t even see you listed as a “friend” on the list, let alone your own page.

I think you can set your profile picture to be Friends Only. That way your friends will see the image but anyone else will get the generic image template. You’ll still appear on the friends list regardless, but it be just your name.

I wasn’t sure if Blocking works on other people’s pages, but if it does, then this would work. You can block people on your profile and see if that removes them when they look at a 3rd person’s friend list.

I can confirm that it works. I set up several dummy accounts and blocked some of them. The blocked accounts names don’t show up on any friend list.

ETA: also, if you look at some accounts you will see that the listed names don’t match the number of names. Those accounts are blocking their names from showing on the lists.

PPS: I can’t confirm if this still works as I removed all my facebook accounts several months ago.