Facebook Profile Picture Cropping/Thumbnail Issue?

Im trying to upload a new facebook picture. Apparently first thing it does is mention cropping which i didn’t know what it was but i didn’t like it because it took away the entire background. Basically picture is my face pretty close and you see background behind it.
I put don’t crop. However, theres another step where it ask to reposition the picture for the thumbnail. I don’t like this because no matter what happens, the picture will not sure the entire picture on that square thumbnail since facebook doesn’t use the regular size facebook profile picture anymore and does that small square.
Does anyone know or have any tips on how to do this? I read online about mobile facebook but is that just for not cropping? I don’t have issue with the first step because i put don’t crop b/c when you click on my thumbnail photo, you see the entire profile picture once you click on it. But the thumbnail photo is way too small and i want my regular size photo to show entire on there. Anyone have tips on this?

Wanted to add that in my profile picture, you could see the shirt i’m wearing. But when i upload photo and on the thumbnail picture… you cannot see the shirt at all.
Is there a way for the full size photo of me to show up with my shirt showing as well on the thumbnail? Or is that not possible? Pretty frustrating that only shows my face as the thumbnail photo is basically the profile picture people see. Back then profile picture you could make it large size etc.

So i paste picture in microsoft paint. However even when i upload the photo into the m.facebook site… the picture is very small for a square picture. It doesn’t use the full space. The other issue is when i click on the photo to see full size, its smaller in horizontal due to me putting it on microsoft paint.
Anyone know?

Not sure what you’re attempting to do here. Your profile picture will display with square dimensions. If you can’t place a square frame over your photo and get all the elements into frame you won’t see them on FB. Can you create a square version of your shot with no blank space on the top/bottom or on the sides?? If yes, that will display the way you want.

If no, you won’t be able to make it work with FB tools. You’ll have to add a background and create a new image that can hold all the elements in a square frame. Use the scaling feature on the second step of the upload process to zoom in and get some detail that can be seen.

But, trying to capture detail in a FB profile shot is pretty pointless. They are displayed small enough and repeated so often that no one pays much attention to it. I’m not sure what you were attempting to do in Paint that you couldn’t do in the FB upload tool.

Well the picture has my face and me wearing a shirt… the full size picture. But the profile picture… you can only see my face not my shirt etc. So i wonder how do people get full size photos on facebook square photo then.

Can you create a square version of your shot with no blank space on the top/bottom or on the sides?? If yes, that will display the way you want.
How do i do this?

How do you add background and create image with all elements in a square frame?

Based on your description, you don’t need to. You need to use the cropping and scaling tools in FB - they will allow you to set up the photo how you need. Use the tools they’ve given you. By default they focus on the face using facial recognition, but you can override that and zoom out.

i tried that. The issue is i can’t get the full size photo in the square. Anymore ideas?

Get a free image editing tool like uhm…IrfanView or Gimp or Paint.net. You want to look for the Canvas Size setting or tool, and make your canvas square.

So if your pic is 500x600, your canvas starts off 500x600, and you can set the canvas to 600x600 without stretching the photo at all. There will be 100px of white space on either side of the pic. You can add a background in the blank spaces.

Then when you go to upload to Facebook it will be square and you can just scale to fit into the given square.

Then I think **ZipperJJ **is right, you need to pad your image with whitespace to make it square, then upload it to Facebook. But keep in mind that is just going to make the part you want to see even smaller, and harder to see the detail.