Facebook scam

Just received a message

I don’t even have any good photos on facebook! Sure, let me send you my bank details right away!
Anyone else had this?

I haven’t received that one, but I get many other spam emails about my facebook account. Funny thing is, I do not even have a facebook account. Never have.

“Heath row”? Perhaps they’ll expand to Lo Gan and Oh Are airports.

This one was actually messaged to my facebook inbox, so no danger of anyone not on FB getting it that way.

I keep seeing one about a girl who killed herself after her Dad posted photos of her on Facebook. I keep seeing it on other people’s pages, but it is some kind of(I think) phishing scam.

I’m still trying to parse “toenable”…

I think it’s a well-heeled term. Or perhaps one used by heels.

“to enable”

It took me a while, too.

I got a slightly different one this morning - apparently a message from someone I’m friends with, very much written in her style, with her punctuation (gah), saying, “Is this your photo?” to get me to click on a link. Which my Firefox told me was a web forgery, and which then asked for my facebook login. What worries me about these scams is how stupid you would have to be to fall for them - and the number of people who are that stupid.
(And the thought that one day, that scarily stupid person will probably be me.)

Oh that one about “I cried after reading this…” or something similar.

Every time I tried to parse ‘Newark Intl’, the letter ‘A’ would get stolen. I just assumed it was terminal A…

The one I got says “This Dad Dies when he views his daughter’s status on Blackberry!”

OK, besides the fact that this is clearly a scam, what kind of a social networking status update could possibly shock a father to death? I’m thinking either the daughter posting about being penetrated by 3 guys at once, or throwing puppies off a cliff while high on crack (the girl, not the puppies), or maybe all at the same time. :D:smack: