Facebook Security Changes

I think I might be going crazy :eek:

Not so very long ago (a few weeks perhaps) I believe I had the ability to click on most FB profiles and ‘creep’ to see the profile (i.e. pictures and info) of a user’s friends unless they happened to have a ‘private profile’ which is relatively rare. Recently however, the vast majority of profiles appear to be restricted at first glance, however, as soon as one engages in dialogue (sends a pm) with a person, all the profile info/pics become available, leading me to believe that the large number of ppl in question do not have ‘private profiles’ but rather that Facebook recently changed their security settings to disallow creeping of most ppl’s profiles. But still what confuses me is that some ppl’s profiles are viewable regardless of whether or not they’ve been PM’d, but where as those ppl once represented the vast majority, now it seems only a few profiles are like that.

So am I going crazy or did facebook make some weird changes recently? And if so, how do they work?

I think that if you poke someone or exchange messages, they can see all or part of your profile, but you can change that fact through your security settings.

Right. If you send message or poke somebody, they can see your profile, as if they were your friend, for 30 days.

A lot of schools have been telling people that prospective employers might look at your Facebook, so a ton of people have made their profiles more private, as to avoid a potential boss seeing pictures of them at that “white trash” party and stuff.