Fading hair dye

Last night I dyed my hair at home and the colour came out too dark…more black than brown. I would like to fade it quicker rather than let it fade naturally, so I browsed around. Some say to use harsh dishwashing soap like Dawn, some say hot oil treatments, and others say dandruff shampoo.
Basically anything that opens the cuticle will help remove the dye that’s attached to it.
My co-worker suggest using olive oil and mayonnaise, which doesn’t sound bad.

What’s the straight dope?

The problem here is that you need to be very, very careful to not destroy your hair while stripping it. You may just want to wait it out if you have any doubt at all. The last thing you need is for it to turn green and start falling out - or even to turn into a straw texture.

I think there’s some stuff you can get to help remove the color. Can’t remember what it is, but you can probably get it at Sally’s. Years ago, I always heard that you could use Tide detergent to remove the color.

Yes, be very careful. I’m assuming this is a home hair-color kit? They often come out much darker at first. If it’s semi-permanent, I’d recommend washing your hair with your regular shampoo, but use a whole bunch, so your hair is all coated. Leave the shampoo in for maybe 10 minutes, with your hair wrapped up in a towel. Try this a couple times.

Whatever you do, do NOT try to recolor it. It’s not like your hair is just natural black and waiting for some lightening. You still have chemical dye in your hair. I learned this the hard way and turned my hair green. Literally green, like this guy ->:rolleyes:

Be VERY nice to your hair afterwards. Get some good conditioner. Don’t blowdry or heat style any more than is absolutely necessary. AFAIK, the olive oil and mayo will condition your hair very nicely, but I’m not sure they will do much to change the color.

Good luck. I’m another who God chose not to bless with a pretty haircolor or the money to change it professionally. I’m currently waiting for a bright yellow streak to grow out.

I use a good conditioner currently, and my hair is pretty fantastic, thanks to good genes. I don’t like the idea of harsh shampoos, so I will try some hot oil treatment and leave it alone.

Gonna be tough not blowdrying with the cold weather approaching, but I’ll try that too.

When my hair turned greenish brown from a hair dye that was much too “ash” for my highlighted hair, I used Sunlight dishwashing detergent as a shampoo, I think I used it twice, and then followed up with a hot oil treatment … it got rid of the green tinge right away.

Color Oops is supposed to be pretty decent stuff and doesn’t kill your hair:


Bane, that stuff sounds good…but I’m at loathe to mess with my hair anymore. I think I’m going to take my grandmother’s advice and 'Have patience!"
It’ll fade with time. I can live with it til then.

I’ve used dandruff shampoo to lighten colour in the past, it seems to work. Otherwise, yes, do just wait, my hair nearly always looks too dark for me the first day or two after I dye it and within a week I’m fine with it. You can always wash and condition it every day too, this will help it fade as well as make sure you don’t wreck your hair.

Finally, if it’s consistent with your look, you could bleach or highlight one lock of hair at the front and then put pink or red in. I use a fairly dark red/plum base colour on my hair, which does look too dark on its own, but when I add bright red to the front bits it looks damn good. :slight_smile:

I had a coloring disaster once years ago. I called the toll free number on the box and someone (at Loreal) told me exactly what steps to follow to get it back to the color I was aiming for. It involved buying another box of haircolor, one that seemed totally wrong, but it did the trick.

If you don’t hate it too much, this is the best course. Dark colors fade pretty quickly, especially home-color jobs. A build-up removing shampoo or claryifying shampoo with help without being at all harsh, too.

I’ve used color correctors, including the one listed above. Even though it says it will just take your color back to the original color since you used a color darker than your own hair color, it will very likely turn it orange. Then you’ll just have to dye it again hoping to get what you want.