FairyChatFamily gets buff...

We got up at 5 this morning. By 5:20, we occupied three adjacent recumbent bikes at the Y, pedalling our merry ways to cardio excellence. I was in the office by 6:30.

How did you start YOUR Monday??

Yeah, after years of indolence and leisure, we all decided it’s time to clean up our acts. Last week, we toured the local YMCA and found the facilities to be outstanding. They’ve got all kinds of machines, free weights, bikes, treadmills, orbital things, stair machines, spinning classes, Yoga, aerobics, cardio-kickboxing, the pool, a big gym that’s being re-floored right now, and plans for a rock-climbing wall. The Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] wants to spend some time this summer working on her swimming before swim team comes up when school starts in August. My husband and I intend to do a lot of the construction on our future home in Maryland, and we need to be ready for the heavy work. Plus there’s the BP/cholesterol/gross weight tonnage issues.

So today was Day 1. The main adjustment for me, apart from breaking a sweat at 0530, is packing my breakfast/lunch/workclothes the night before. I’ll stop in on my way home a few afternoons a week to use the machines - there’s not enough time in the morning for me to do a full routine. I need to make this a habit. All three of us do - and the idea is for the triple reinforcement to keep us all going. We shall see how it goes.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger, right??

Cool! So you’re going to be wearing more Spandex™? Send pix!

Of course there’s the whole “getting healthy” angle. Maybe I should try that.
(Oh man! Sometimes I say funny things…)

I switched to light beer and swore off chocolate chip cookies after 9 PM. That oughta count for getting healthy.

Does the place have a hot tub? They should.

I think Rue is having a fantasy about you sitting on his dinner plates while wearing spandex.[sup]TM[/sup]

I read the word “buff” and I thought this was going to be about FCM and nakedness.

I must be horny today. Mind if I hump your leg anyway?


swampbear, they don’t have a hot tub, but you’re right, they should!!!

Delta-9, could you at least pretend to love me for my mind first?!?

And Rue, no one should be clad in that much spandex. I’ll stick with baggy shorts-n-T’s, thanks…

Good on 'ya FCM! Keep it up.

And remember, if your spandex togs are in the wash, you can just wrap yourself in cellophane. Get the colored stuff for an extra fun time.

P.S. 'Ya want I should turn the hose on Delta-9?

Your morning sounds awfully similar to mine!

I was up at 5, in the gym by 5:15!

But I went back home to get ready for work, so I didn’t get to the office until 7:15.

This morning I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, and 20 minutes in a recumbent bike.

Of course I didn’t do this right next to my husband and child. Namely because I have neither!!!

Day 1 down…are you slumped over asleep at your desk yet?

(yeah, that sometimes happens when I start to feel tuckered out at about 10-11 am)

And in case anyone is wondering, I was wearing no spandex. (well, visible, anyway, because the jogbra has spandex in it, but you couldn’t see it under the t-shirt) Not that any of you would be thinking of that.

Do some sit ups for me. I could sure use it.

That’s excellent FCM. There’s a free swimming pool at our uni, so we’ve just started swimming at lunch times. I didn’t think I would keep it up, but with others to encourage I’m really enjoying it. So we’ll stick with it together!

Aw, FCM, you know I respect you. Really. No really, I do.

::cops a quick feel and runs like hell::

Dang, scout, you make me sound like a slug!! You really do have an aerobic morning!! I figure I can work up to 30 minutes at most, but I don’t want to change my work hours to accommodate the Y, so that’ll be the limit.

eirroc, I’ve got a coworker who swims at lunch. But for me, water is something to bathe in or sail upon, not propel one’s self thru. However, you can swim a lap or two for me and I’ll pedal a little faster just for you!

<ignoring comment about sit ups - it does not compute>

Bumbazine, yeah, turn that fire hose on Delta-9, there’s a dear!!