Fajita pans

Like this one. I’ve posted before that one of the best things I’ve ever bought at a yard sale (and certainly the most-used by me) is a well-seasoned fajita pan, complete with the board, that cost me $2. It is our designated grilled-sandwich pan because it works so well for that. Once in a while I’ll use it for grilling hot dogs. But…

Does anyone actually cook fajitas on these? They’re really small (9 inches in length). If I were to cook fajitas, I’d do it in a cast-iron frying pan. I could heat up the fajita pan in the oven and serve the fajitas in it, but what’s the point of that? We are not a restaurant, and don’t care about presentation. We just make up our plates directly from the cooking vessels.

I just know that I want one now. Thanks.

Good luck finding one seasoned slick as snot for two dollars! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even restaurants don’t cook the fajitas in that pan. It’s just for presentation.

So that’s what I got at Goodwill - a fajita pan. It was cast iron so I bought it, even though I wasn’t sure what it was, because one can never have too many cast iron pans.

I have never made fajitas in it, but it is useful for making crepes.

And grilled cheese sandwiches.

Yeah, I worked at Chili’s. Those pans sat under the broiler, the food was cooked on the grill. When it was ready to be served we put it on the pan. If you ever accidentally touched the pan, you would burn the hell out of yourself.