Fake Money doesn't fool Tennessee Strippers

[Homer Simpson] But they’re Fake Boobs![/Homer Simpson]

If you’re going to get arrested for counterfeiting, this is a partcularly bad way to do it.

They’re just like secret service agents in g-strings and stilettos!

I once made some money, plain paper black and white, with my own picture photoshopped in. Of course I remembered to blank out the signatures and put “Play Money” in the margin. But even with that, a couple of friends reacted like I was showing them bricks of heroin, so I quickly decided to tear them up. Now I make legal stamps with my photo. Not the same, but at least there’s nobody going to panic.

Sounds like the catch phrase for a new hit Hollywood movie.

Most people who handle money at work, can tell just by sense of touch a real bill from a fake one.

If you have had real money stuck in your undies a few thousand times, there is very little chance of getting away with putting a fake one there.

Well, I’ve certainly noticed that a fake $100 bill just doesn’t feel the same against my naked skin.

He got six lap dances for free. Maybe prison will be worth it.

I feel there is a J. Edgar Hoover joke in there somewhere, but I just can’t seem to find it.