Fake or Foto?

How good are your powers of visual perception?

I suck. Five out of ten.

I suck too! 5 right

I got 8.

The silverware and the chess pieces threw me off.

8 out of ten!!!

I just took the test and scored 9/10.

9/10 here too, and a flawless score on the first time I did the bonus round; of course, I have experience in computer 3D.

seven out of ten, and two were photos I was iffy about.

8 out of 10. The glasses of water and the nails, not the bent ones, got me.

I guessed 8 right.

8 out of 10.

Woohoo! I suck the most! 4/10.

10/10 on the regular, 3/4 on the bonus, woo hoo!

I got a 9/10. The chess pieces were the one I screwed up.

Hey, I’m changing my name from stuyguy to eyeguy!

Nine out of ten for me.

7/10 on the first bit (damn screen resolution!) and 3/4 on the bonus.

7 out of 10 on the first try

Items I got wrong:
Bent nail
Screws (or nails?)

10 out of 10 on the second try

Bonus round:

2 out of 4
Got wrong:

then 4 out of 4

9 out of 10

I thought the glasses were real

Me too, Mancunian.

Well, since everybody’s blabbing spoilers, I might as well not hold back. The pile of nails was obviously created by some diletante artist type who never swung a hammer. The points taper like a knitting needle or something; real nails of that size have a sort of four-sided chiseled point, like the top of the Washington Monument.

10/10 on the first round, but I choked in Double Jeopardy.
Only 1/4 on the bonus round. Although I felt the resolution wasn’t high enough on a couple of pictures to tell for sure.

8 out of 10 here too; I got tripped up on the pile of nails and the glasses of water. The reflections cast by the glass is good - I suppose the other three should have case the same “ripple” on the countertop!