Fake Radio and TV Stations in Fiction

He’s at WHIZ now, which is terribly amusing to me.

585 AM on your radio dial.

(Sorry, I just got the DVD set today and I’m ODing on it.)

KBBL appears to come from “babble,” and KBBL appears to be a talk radio station. (“No sports, no news, no information- for mindless chatter, we’re your station!”) Shows include typical morning-zoo jocks Bill and Marty and the Rush Limbaugh-esque conservative Birch Barlow.

In the “Colonel Homer” episode of the series, we discover the hick side of Springfield, including country music station KUDD (“Don’t touch that dial- you’ve got KUDD on it!”)

He was always there, I think. Captain Marvel debuted in 1940 in…Whiz Comics. WXYZ was a real station in Detroit years before. (The Lone Ranger began there.)

The Airplane! guys must have been a team during the '70s. I remember not only a WZAZ, but a KZAZ, on some sitcom or another.

Probably my favorite radio movie, The Big Broadcast of 1932, took place at station WADX, flagship of the George Burns Broadcasting Company. They had a studio cat, and a mike that jumped up and down on its stand when Cab Calloway’s band played a hot number.

Huh? WPLJ stands for White Port Lemon Juice, and has nothing to do with radio or tv call letters:

*You take the bottle
You take the can
Shake it up fine you get a good good wine
White Port Lemon Juice (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
White Port Lemon Juice
White Port Lemon Juice, ooh what it do to you

The ‘W’ is the White
The ‘P’ is the Port
The ‘L’ is the Lemon
The ‘J’ is the Juice
White Port Lemon Juice
White Port Lemon Juice
White Port Lemon Juice, ooh what it do to you

Well I feel so good
I feel so fine
I got plenty of lemon
I got plenty of wine
White Port Lemon Juice
White Port Lemon Juice
White Port Lemon Juice, ooh what it do to you*

This is just a snippet of the song; there are several more verses, and all of them are about the sheer joy of White Port Lemon Juice. (Go to the store when they open up the door and say please please please please gimme some more!)

It really does make you feel so fine.

Which is why him being at WHIZ is amusing.

Not sure about the actual station call letters … but Samuel L. Jackson was the lone DJ Mister Senor Love Daddy on station We-Love (WELV?) in DO THE RIGHT THING.

I always thought station XERB in AMERICAN GRAFITTI was fictional since it didn’t begin with a W or a K – shows you what I know.

KACL 780 AM from Frasier.

Fifteen years or so ago, a show called “WIOU” ran for a few episodes. It was about a troubled, about-to-go-under TV station in a major city, but the call letters in the title were just a joke (like St. Eligius was called St. Elsewhere).

Its true call letters were WNDY (as in, the Windy City).

I can barely remember my own phone number, but I can’t get that WIOU crap out of my brain.

If I may note…the List of Fictional Radio Stations and List of Fictional Television Stations.

From Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs for the Deaf album, we’re introduced to:

WOMB “if you’re good, [she’ll] let you crawl back in. But in the mean time, here’s something you should get down on your knees and worship.”


KRDL “the Curdle. We spoil music for everyone!”


KLON “Clone radio: We play the songs that sound more like everyone else, than anyone else… L.A.'s infinite repeat.”

Currently at Tokyo Disneyland, a special event show for Halloween features a radio station program called “WDED, Ghost Radio Live!” :smiley:

While doing research on experimental TV I came upon the movie Murder by Television (1935). The TV station ID’d as “ZY3, White Plains, NY.” This gave me a chuckle. Any NY experimental call would have been W2X––.

[size=1]The movie wasn’t much, BTW. The TV angle was played out in the first 5 minutes. The rest was Bela Lugosi questioning people in the drawing room. The same script could have been used for Murder by Bad Shellfish, Murder by Portland Cement, or Murder by Two Small Puncture Wounds to the Neck.