Fake vaccination cards

I’ve now twice seen people in my local townhall facebook groups that have not only been rabidly anti-vax/anti-covid (And in one case super misogynist) but also used the ‘I work in a hospital’ or ‘I’m a nurse’ as a fallacious appeal to authority.
In both cases I was really tempted screen shot what they were posting and send it over to their employer.

If they want to be anti-vax or anti-covid that’s one thing, but I just can’t see feeling so strongly about it that they’re willing to put their job on the line.

Not vaccination card, but the Canada Border Services Agency has found that at least 30 people have entered Canada with fake negative covid-19 tests. From the article linked:

According to Canada’s Quarantine Act, anyone caught with false test results could be fined up to CA$750,000 and spend six months in prison. If a passenger passes on the virus when in Canada, having used false documents to enter the country, they could be fined CA$1 million and spend three years in prison.

So pretty substantial penalities, even if it is in Canadian money.

You (the user) open the app and snap a photo of your vaccine card, which is then displayed in the app.

Even easier to face than the card itself, I guess. You wouldn’t even need the right paper.

I think this is the way to go. Prosecute it. Have strong penalties. A card should have on it the date, lot number and manufacturer of vaccine, and vaccine provider. A screening tool could perhaps be created that would flag information where vaccine manufacturer and/or lot number did not match the vaccination provider.

It should be relatively straightforward to prove that a particular person did not receive that vaccine from that provider on that date.*

*Hey, this gives me a chance to refute a claim that comes up sometimes in the legal context: you can’t prove a negative! To which I say, sure you can. It happens all the time. In this case, you call as a witness the records custodian for Shots-R-Us, and ask (in rough approximation):

“Are you the records custodian for Shots-R-Us?”
“Does Shots-R-Us keep meticulous records of everyone given a coronavirus vaccination?”
“Yes, as required by internal policies and procedures, medical ethics, and by law.”
“So if someone got vaccinated by Shots-R-Us, you would have a record of it?”
“Is there a record of Jake Smith getting a Pfizer vaccination on March 31, 2021?”
“Is there a record of Jake Smith getting any vaccination from Shots-R-Us on any date?”
“No further questions.”

As far as I can tell, airlines are not requiring vaccination cards and I don’t think they are going to, at least not for domestic travel. For international travel the question will be up to the border policy.

My wild theory is that private institutions that require vaccination (e.g. cruises) might require vaccination in the same way that cruises currently ‘require’ that you not be sick. That is, they have a health attestation when you embark where you state that you aren’t sick and haven’t been sick for the last 48 hours. They don’t actually check. I feel this is a CYA move on their part and with Covid I think they and others will take the same tactic of ‘requiring’ vaccinations, but not really doing anything to check beyond asking the customer to check a box and sign their name.
This way they get to look good. If bad stuff goes down they can point fingers at the liars and gasp, “We are shocked (shocked!) to discover that our customers lied to us. Don’t blame us for the outbreak. Our policy is for vaccinated only.”

That would be an incredibly naive thing for them to think. I am rather certain they would like to go a year or two without a plague ship news story even with the dubiously beneficial excuse of blaming their customers.