Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Spoilers)

Okay, I can accept all that.

… But how did Bucky get onto the military base so he could approach Sam in the hangar?

On the base I work at (DC Navy Yard), at least before COVID, folks with no military credentials could still enter if they were escorted by someone with military credentials.

Yeah, it’s a hard choice. Do you put the Avengers under the control of the government(s), or let them run themselves. Neither are a perfect choice. And I was thinking the same thing about Walker and the Power Broker. Power for the people. Also, what’s Lemar’s deal? The “conscience” of Cap? A PR stunt? I know in the comics they were best buds-maybe that’s true here too.

Sam spots what they both think is a hostage in the back of one of the trucks with Redwing’s thermal imaging. Bucky immediately takes off to bust in and rescue the hostage, and Sam is more or less forced to back him up.

Walker was following Falcon. He was tracking Falcon through Redwing. They saw the same feeds, Walker saw Bucky and Falcon engaging the convoy, and went in to back them up.

…Yeah, I got nuthin’ for that. I was wondering the same thing myself.

Did Sam’s wingsuit get damaged in the landing? He and Bucky walked to the airport after a brief minute or two riding with New!Cap.

Either that, or he just ran out of fuel? Either way, it seemed odd. We didn’t see any damage, and it sure seems like his suite has survived a lot worse. He actually used the wings as shields in the first episode. If it were damaged, you’d think they would have at least included a line about it. It’s not like they need to strictly edit for time with their streaming format.

I don’t think that’s right. In the first episode, Sam’s Air Force handler makes a big deal about how U.S. military assets can’t be seen to be violating Libyan airspace, but they’re in Tunisia at the time, and it’s a big dramatic action bit for Sam to maneuver to rescue the hostage and take out the bad guys while turning juuuust short of the Libyan border.

And in the bank interview, he points out “government contracts” which are proof of income.

And Cap II points out that Redwing is actually U.S. government property.

I think Sam’s pretty clearly a private military contractor. Unfortunately, it’s far from unrealistic for a PMC not to be concerned with chain of command and the rules and regulations that actual military personnel have to deal with.

Good points. Now I’m wondering if Sam’s doing this as a side gig, or if the US military called up the Avengers and asked to rent a super hero for a couple weeks.

Do we know if the Flag-Smasher case is a government contract? Or is that Avengers business? He was at an air force base, but I assume the Avengers basically have an open invitation to use US military facilities as necessary in the course of their jobs.

Given that the show has already had explicit plot points touching on race and economics, I’m really regretting that there’s pretty much no chance Luke Cage* is going to be on it. I’d really like to see a conversation between the guy operating a hero for hire business out of a Harlem storefront, and the guy taking military contracts.

*Comics Luke Cage, not Netflix Luke Cage, although Mike Colter can stay either way.

Can Sam fly carrying Bucky? I imagine Bucky’s a good deal heavier than most guys his size, what with the arm, and other enhancements.

Even if he can, at that point, they know there’s no hostage on the truck, and they know the trucks are full of medical supplies, and not bombs or guns. They were also getting their asses kicked pretty hard. I think they gave up because they were losing, and the stakes were low enough that it wasn’t worth throwing themselves at a brick wall over and over. Despite their constant dick fighting, they’re both smart guys with military experience. They understand the value of a tactical retreat.

Besides, “Captain America” was still there. Surely “Captain America” can save the day without their help. Right, “Captain America?”

John Walker: “You guys are dicks.”

Sam had been trying to get in touch with Bucky for a while. He probably left standing instructions at the gate for them to let him in.

Im loving this show…and given what weve seen, Bucky and Sam are being kind of dicks to Walker. This isn’t just some figurehead. Dude won three medals of honor. He’s Audie Murphy times three. Sam and Bucky are being a dick to Audie Murphy. Steve wouldnt be a dick to this guy. Also he’s show remarkable adeptness at using the shield

A little too much adeptness actually if he’s completely unenhanced.

Also…Sharon Carter helped Steve and Sam ‘steal’ the shield back from…Tony?? That doesn’t sound like Steve. Tony told him it wasn’t his, and Steve said ‘you’re right’ and gave it up.

Also means at some point, Steve gave or lost the shield again.

In Captain America: Civil War, Steve, Sam, and Bucky were apprehended, along with T’Challa, by the CIA and their equipment was confiscated. After Zemo activated Bucky, Steve and Sam broke out in the confusion. Sharon stole Steve’s shield and Sam’s wings from the CIA evidence room. Steve only returned the shield back to Tony at the end of the movie. Much later, in Avengers: Endgame, Tony gave the shield back to Steve. And then old Steve gave the shield to Sam.

The one thing that bugged when I saw it - and I know this isn’t going to bug everybody, but I saw it and it really stood out to me - was Battlestar’s uniform. Mostly, it looks good like an MCU version of a patriotic superhero. The thing that stood out though was his sergeant major stipes on his right arm, all big and yellow for all to see. The earlier scene with Walker and him at the high school locker room shows captain bars on his camouflage. So he lost his commission to be Battlestar?

Otherwise, I liked the ep. I like Walker’s characterization and when Russell turns his head the right way or says something right, I can totally see his dad, so that charming young guy wanting to do his part for Uncle Sam works. I think he probably could have been more of a jerk in the beginning ala the comic version of Walker but we’ll see how he develops.

Given the times we live interesting that they are not only leaning into race issues but also apparently nationalism with NewCap clearly an American First icon and Flag Smashers one world set up to not be the villains.

When they were in their regulation Army uniforms, I thought Walker had the captain’s bars, and Hoskins had first sergeant insignia.

I just re-watched it, and Hoskins definitely has sergeant major insignia in the locker room scene. It’s subdued, and they don’t frame him to give clear look at the insignia, but it’s definitely three chevrons and rockers with a star inside - sergeant major. Same as the insignia on his Battlestar uniform.

He seems a bit young to be a sergeant major, though, and a first sergeant/master sergeant would make more sense to team up with a captain. Those are typically the ranks of the senior NCO and commanding officer in a company or similar unit; it would make sense if Walker was the CO of a special ops unit and Hoskins was his senior NCO. A sergeant major is almost always going to be the senior NCO to a lieutenant colonel or higher, not a lowly captain.

I stand corrected on the rank then. I could have sworn that they both had captain bars. Though you’re also right, @gdave. He does look a little young for a SMAJ, maybe too young for a master sergeant as well.

The actor is 39. If the character is too, I think that’s old enough for the rank - he could have enlisted at 17 or 18.

I think Sam has a reciprocal relationship with the government. He works jobs for them, and in return he’s legitimized and gets access to resources he normally wouldn’t. The mission in the first episode was the government’s. The mission in the second episode was Sam’s.