Falcon, you rock, woman!!

I just received my postcard from Vegas today, and wanted to say thanks. Surprisingly, it wasn’t even a very tacky one: the Mirage hotel.

BTW, I got the Rush reference - you’ll win the Big Money some day :wink:

I know you’re with you beloved boyfriend right now (Hi, Max!). Yeah, him, and some other assorted SD nutcases :wink:

I hope you guys are having a great time, and once again, many thanks for your card. It only took 9 days to travel from the Nevada deserts to cosy ol’ Amsterdam!

See you online soon!

OK, everybody. Let’s put our hands together for one of the true SDMB sweethearts: Falcon!

Your resident Clog Boy, Coldfire.

Woo Hoo! Got mine too! And it even had a big old pirate ship on it!!! Thanks Falc!!!

I got mine a couple days ago. A picture of the New York New York Hotle, looks just like the NY skyline. Awesome, thanks, Falc!!

Who’s Falcon?

:: Bitchslapping Wally for Falc ::


This is yet another example of something I’ve long wondered about…

Why is it so easy to find really cool people in cyberspace, but so hard to meet them in meatspace?

Seriously, on the web I’ve met people who’ve selflessly and without any consideration for what’s in it for them helped me fix my software, gave me directions, sent me coupons for free stuff, sent me T-shirts and coffee mugs (and not only went to the trouble of a trip to the post office, but paid the postage as well) and in the most noteable instance gave me a place to stay and a couch to sleep on (sight unseen) while I was lost and broke in Detroit (thanks LaChica, even though you no longer seem to loiter on this board).

Meanwhile, in meatspace some asshole deliberatly pointed me in the wrong direction where the BART station was…


I agree, Inky-. That’s why I think the stigma of meeting people online will be lifted soon. I’ve met some of the coolest people I know online (including my GF). In meatspace(awesome term, BTW!) they’re very few and far between. A big part of it is this place. A cooler group of people, I have never seen. Each and every one of the people I’ve met at SD meetings has been killer! Thanks Cecil.

Falc, you rock!

Hope y’all are having a great time in Vegas. Damn, I’m jealous.

And hell yeah, Falcon rocks!

Who’s Rush?

Wally, don’t make me come up there and smack yo’ ass!

Sorry, Coldy, I don’t know what came over me.

Neil Geddy, Lee Peart and the rest of Crush should not be mocked.

Oh, the hell with it. You wouldn’t be so cranky if you actually had to listen to their stuff. Although I’m told their music is better than it sounds.

Mock mock mock mock mock mock.

[hijack] The lead singer sounds like a munchkin getting buggered by a leprochon.
(damn I have NO idea how to spell leprechaun!) [/hijack]

B-Line, you’re testing my patience. Wally can’t help it, he’s just as thick as a brick. But I had expected better from you. As a punishment, you will now play Rush’s 2112 at full volume, 27 times in a row.

Coldfire: Ignore B_Line. I have it on good authority that he love The New Kids On The Backstreet That Are In Synch.

As for Wally, he’s just mad becasue someone stole the training wheels off his motorcycle.

Rush…are we talking the bombastic fat guy on the radio, or the rock group with the really squeaky-sounding lead vocalist? :wink:

Awwww…Coldy, you are SUCH a sweetie. Demo too. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Falcon (back to the OP) I also thank you heartily. Your postcard is held in place to my fridge by the coveted “Beware of Pickpockets and Loose Women by order of New Orleans Police Dept.” magnet. A place of honor, I assure you.