Fallen in Love With Another Mystery Writer - Beverly Connor

It’s always exciting to discover a new, soon to be favorite author. It starts innocently enough with a random book found at the bookstore or library. As you start reading at ten, you soon realize the bedside lamp isn’t getting extinguished until you’ve devoured every succulent page. The next morning, you stumble bleary-eyed for that first cup of coffee. You slightly regret staying up past 2 AM. However, you know the addiction has just begun. You rush to amazon.com, and begin the search for every book this author has written. You absolutely must read every book in the series and in the correct published order. :smiley:

There’s nothing quite like the life of a mystery reader. There’s so many bad authors and so little reading time. I get excited when I find a master of the bloody written page.

Beverly Connor has two character series. Her first series features archaeologist & osteologist Lindsay Chamberlain. Ms Connor wrote ten books in this mystery series. Some are out of print, but used copies are easily obtained at Amazon.com

Her second mystery series features forensic anthropologist, former human rights Investigator, and currently a museum director Diane Fallon. There’s currently nine in this series. The author releases a new one every year.

The Diane Fallon series is the the strongest. The author learned a lot writing the first series. The characters in her second series are much richer and better developed. You should definitely read the Diane Fallon series first.

I’m excited today because Connor’s newest book is a crossover that features both her characters in the same book. I just ordered it today. Yes, another late night reading until 2 AM is in my near future. :smiley:

Connor provides unique details in her book because she is a trained archaeologist and has done fieldwork. Lindsay Chamberlain is an extension of the author. The realism she brings to the archaeological digs is incredible. When she unearths a recent skeleton instead of a 500 year old Indian, means the mystery has begun.

Any other fans of Beverly Connor here? Let’s talk. :smiley: :smiley: