Fallout Episode 8: The Beginning

I think others handily addressed the other stuff so I thoought I’d take on these.

  1. The “Governmint”… It wasnt under-developed. It was just what it was. A guy calling himself and his cronies the new government…because, why not? Who is going to tell him he’s wrong? A big strength of the show has been showing how stupid surface dwellers would be… it makes total sense that this low-level, low-rent warlord would think he and Cooper are equals and not be expecting to get double crossed.
  2. Quintus is using Maximus. I dont think he trusts him. Remember he wants to usurp power in the BOS. And now has more power and leverage over Maximus which means he can control him. Maximus is a loaner, disliked by all but one initiate, he’s desperate to get in good graces. He’s outside the regular system making him useful to Quintus.

This is a point that isn’t explained in the show, but the Brotherhood originated in southern CA and was headquartered there until fairly recently, when the proto-fascist and human-suoremacist Arthur Maxson, the descendent of the US Army captain that started the group in the immediate aftermath of the war, took over its east coast branch and presumably took military control over everything between Boston and DC after the events of Fallout 4. The Prydwen, the massive airship that arrives in the first episode, is his flagship.

So in short, Quintus has gotten used to being in charge of his own little fiefdom and now has Future Hitler breathing down his throat.

Because nine pregnant women cannot make a baby in a month.

No, but with careful timing, they can make one baby every month for nine months.

But the first baby will still be born 9 months from the day the project started

Right, but after the first one you won’t have to wait another nine months for the next one.

Also, you can’t Make Line Go Up if you have to waste money on things like paying employees, and if you can’t create the illusion of perpetual growth then how are you going to convince finance bros to throw millions of dollars at an unprofitable* business model?

*well, maybe it’d be profitable if we weren’t paying the c-suite eight-figure bonuses, but let’s not go crazy here

Correct, but Obsidian hasn’t got a girlfriend and… Err… This has gotten too confusing

A serious question out of this silliness - I am not a game developer…

My impression is that a large game development project is not necessarily a serial thing, but consists of many aspects that can be done as parallel projects, not having to wait on A before B can be worked on. Is that incorrect?

Yes, any software project has a maximum number of people that can usefully work on it, and it’s not that many people.
Management often thinks that adding more people will accelerate the project but after a certain number it’s the other way around, which is why the “nine pregnant women” simile was invented.

ETA: Of course the number depends on the project, you’ll need far more people for an Operating System than for an AAA Game than for a simple form interface, but there’s always an optimum number.

No, I think what he’s asking is whether everyone involved in a project is involved in all stages of the project, or whether, say, someone whose work is finished in the initial stage of the project can then leave and start working on another project before the first project is completed. That way, a studio can work on several projects simultaneously - in a staggered fashion - with many of the same people.

Wasn’t there a long period of time where Ubisoft released an Assassin’s Creed game every year? Didn’t they have several teams working simultaneously?

Oh that would work, but as I said the first project would still take years, is just that afterwards they would start coming out of the pipeline more frequently.
But a Fallout game that is not even started will take what it takes, is not possible to accelerate it past a certain speed by adding more people to the team.

I could be wrong but I believe in cases like that a company might have different studios (smaller devlopment teams) working on different games but they are all using the same system.

So Big Game Company releases a new Killer Mice game every year. Big Game Company has contracted out Killer Mice: Ratworld to Cheese Studios who are building off assets already created for Killer Mice: Rattown (which was made by the now-shuttered Fat Cat Studios), and the Cheese Studios game is due for release in the fall… Meanwhile Killer Mice: Ratopia is being worked on by the team at Pencil Shavings UK. They are also using assets from KM:Rattown but will also have access to the Ratworld assets…their game is due out the following spring.