Fallout Tactics! help! please!

has anyone here played fallout tactics? Its a computer game by Interplay. Realtime combat strategy RPG type game.

I have a huge problem! I am completing a mission. All my characters have radiation poisoning. I have no medicine for radiation and I only have one radiation sickness prevention pill. If I try to cross the map all my team members end up dead. How do I get across the map?!?!?! I should state that I only have the one saved game, so I can’t load a previous saved game and not mess up this time.

I am sure I am not the only person who will tell you that you broke the cardnial rule of any RPG/Strategy game: Never, EVER use less than 3 save game slots. Then you almost ALWAYS will end up in a situation like the one you are in now.

Wish I had some advice for your situation, but that game has beat my ass into submission so I stopped playin. Too damn hard.

that game sux0rs. be a man and buy fallout 1 and 2. also the above post on the rule of three definately applys to most games.

Yeah, sounds like you might have to restart. Same sort of thing happened to me about half way in. You might want to go back through the level you just completed and absolutely scour it for any Rad-Away (NOT the pills: the pills only work if you take them before you get irradiated. You want the stuff that looks like an IV drip full of orange fluid with a big-ass needle on one end.) Talk to any bystanders and try to buy some off of them. Alternativly, keep trying to get accross the desert. If you’re very, very lucky, you might get a random encounter that will either drop or sell Rad-Away. If you can’t find any… Well, at least this time through you’ll know where all the bad guys are hiding. And for God’s sake, make multiple saves.

And, if you don’t already have them, check out Fallout 1 & 2. Tactics is a lot of fun, but the originals are better by a country mile.


Do not scroll down any further if you don’t know the plot of Fallout Tactics.

OK, I could use some help on this game as well. Here’s my problem:

Towards the end, your team is tasked with delivering a nuclear device into the base of the enemy computer that is controlling and creating the robots.

Unfortunately, I can’t go on this mission! I move my team to the green mat that signifies your moving out of the BoS base camp and into the wilderness, but nothing happens.

The General said something about having my entire team outfitted with powered armour (it dramatically increases your survival rate when you’re near Ground Zero like we will be), but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Can anybody who made it that far lend me a clue?


and type in Fallout Tactics

psiekier, you should patch the game. It should help.

As for the OP, you could go the cheating way. I found a trainer that gives you unlimited action points. Find one that does it and kick it in. get into combat by shooting your gun somewhere. Then run to the exit grid if you’re finished, or finish it up while still on one turn. Then run like hell back to the bunker. Hope this helps!

One of the things I noticed in the entry about Cheyenne Mountain (which is apparently the final mission! Woo-hoo! I made it!) is the mention of a “Nuclear APC.”

Does that mean there is an APC loaded with the nuke somewhere in the BoS base camp, and I have to get it and take it with me, or is it already at Cheyenne waiting?

If it’s at the BoS camp, no wonder I can’t leave the map! :mad: