Familial predisposition towards assault on women to be probed by MIT-not likely!

Just as I’ve forgotten the atrocities, a fresh helping from the Kennedy clan.

When are these folks get it? I’d be happier if they’d stayed with bootlegging.

When are these folks gonna get it? Should have been that sentence. My bad

Quickedit would be another nice feature on SDMB, but that’s another gripe. :smiley:

So far I see vague accusations against the nephew of a politician. Who the hell cares?

OK, legal eagles! How would she go about proving that a rape occured 5 years after the fact? After any physical evidence is gone, any possible witness’es recollections have faded. I am assuming there was no police report and no hospital visit (rape kit). Doesn’t ‘preponderance of evidence’ mean it has to be more than her word against his?

I’m under the strong impression this guy committed a rape 13-some-odd years ago and got away with it (although I wasn’t on the jury, mind you), but this new allegation looks like bullshit to me.

Why does the linked article have a picture of Jim Breuer?

From the article linked in the OP

Which folks are you waiting to ‘get it’?

Spooje- You can be sued civilly without being sued, charged or convicted criminally. OJ Was successfully sued without ever being convicted of murder. It makes the burden of proof abnormally and unattainably high, however, and the chances of winning a judgement are slim and none but not unheard of.

Looks spurious and suspect right now, but only time will tell.


Out of idle curiousity, to what atrocities do you refer?

Well, doesn’t that throw in an interesting wrinkle. Why would she date a man who raped her?

Kennedys aside, that’d make a great little dissertation project for a politically blind grad student. The stink raised when the report came out would be awesome.

But to get a judgment, there still must be a preponderance of evidence. I take this to mean “more evidence for than against”. Her saying it happened and his saying it didn’t is a push. Her possible financial motivation and his shady past is a push. She still has to come up with *something * that demonstrates her claim, does she not?

This sounds like a shakedown to me. Especially since she asks for 50K. It’s a low amount. Smith has probably already been told that he may spend much more than that fighting her in court.

Without a criminal investigation and conviction, she may have to collect MORE evidence for her than she would have had to if she had pursued this at the time of incident. That was my point. It is very very difficult to get a civil judgement for a criminal matter when there is no criminal case, either ongoing or settled.

I agree. $50k certainly seems like a low dollar figure-at least enough to pay minimums and go on a nother shopping spree! Yay! :smack: With all of the lawyers and investigators, it’s probably going to break the $50K mark in no time at all, but how much money is your renewed reputation worth?