Family Circus appreciation thread

How does Bill Keane keep coming up with this stuff?! Every day, day after day, they just keep getting fresher and funnier! I just tried to find some good examples to link to, but they’re all so good…how do I choose? After a couple minutes going through the archive my sides hurt so bad, I thought they were going to split! Oh, man…

Today’s got me laughing so hard that I knocked over a glass of milk. My mom asked who spilled it and I said, “Not me!” GET IT?!?! Oh, that Bill Keane. Will he ever run out of ideas?

I’m amazed at your ability to say that with a straight face. :slight_smile:

Pure genius. One of the great comic writers of our time, if not of all time.

(no smiley needed)

Dang, but I sure miss The Dysfunctional Family Circus.
Even the hidden online archives have been taken down. sigh

How does Bil Keane (one “l”) keep coming up with this stuff? Well, he’s been getting help in drawing the comic from his son Jeff since 1991.

See, what it is, is, Bil uses Jeffy’s Hypno Hair to tap his subconcious for creative ideas…

[sub]But the psychic fern was patient; it knew that, soon, its time would come.[/sub]

Yeah, Keane and his megacorp shut down one of funniest sites ever when they stumbled onto Spinwebbe. I miss it greatly.

Sometimes, when I read Family Circus, I laugh so hard that I vomit blood.

I just have to remember:

It’s O.K. to read Family Circus…
But I don’t have to masturbate right after reading it.

here you go

It looks like Bil Keane was actually going for a more “Dysfunctional Family Circus” bent in the beginning. Take a look at this one–that caption would be at least a yellow, and probably green. They call him “Daddy”, but it doesn’t even look like the Daddy we all know and love today. Could it actually be…Uncle Roy?

This one’s a doozy, too! (I don’t remember that picture on the DFC. I suspect that Spinn didn’t use it because it would be too easy!)

I hate the strip, but I read it every damn day. With others that I hate, I just skip 'em…


You know those Sunday panels where one of the kids makes some roundabout journey, with a dotted line showing every distracting stop along the way? Let’s put Billy on the U.N. weapons inspection team! It’d make a great Sunday panel.

Ohmygosh! This one is a riot!

Keane claims his father knocked the “L” out of him when he was young. One of the few funny things Keane has said or done (although Channel Chuckles wasn’t that bad).

That’s not the Dysfunctional Family Circus. That’s jsut some guy who mistakenly thinks he’s funny.