Family Guy 4/9

Anyone else singing that horrible theme song today?

As a huge FG fan…this one just didn’t do that much for me. I don’t know…it may have actually had…too much plot?


You only think so because you’re stoned. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the impression that Brian refused to pick up Cleveland because he’s black. He slowed down, saw a black man and sped up again, using the milk as an excuse. Which made an interesting callback to Brian’s bizarre racist barking outbursts at the black record executive.

Obviously, but what’s funny is that right after he excitedly mentioned his “first fare of the day”, I thought to myself “I’d forget the milk thing if I was about to start a work shift like that”.

I had forgotten that. There was another reference to it this season, too. So I guess we’re not sure why Brian blew by Cleveland.

The Noid! I’m still giggling.

I also loved Michael Jackson reference. Hell, I remember when that video debuted on prime time on Fox. The first part was fine with the creepy body morphing and all, then came the second part with the cougar and the vandalism and everybody in the room was all “WTF?” At least it spawned that excellent In Living Color parody.

There is a common racial bias where cabbies won’t pick up black customers.

I think Brian really did want to get the milk, but Cleveland perceived it as a racial slight.

The cabbies-and-black-men thing was a big to do a few years ago when Danny Glover publicly criticized New York cabbies for it, when a number of cabs ignored him. It’s quite common an issue, and I have been told by native New Yorkers that it really does happen. (And I doubt it’s limited to New York.) I thought that’s clearly was they were referencing.

And Michael Moore did a great piece on racial bias among cabbies for one of his shows, TV Nation, that pre-dated Glover by at least a year. He put black actor Yaphet Kotto on a NYC street and a white convicted felon up the block, both trying to hail a cab. Time after time the cabbies would bypass Kotto to pick up the felon. When asked later the cabbies would always say that they hadn’t seen Kotto. So Moore did various things to draw attention to Kotto, including putting a huge light-up sign next to him reading I NEED A CAB. Still couldn’t get one to stop.

The notion has been around for as long as I can remember.

I think Richard Prior even had some material on the subject in one of his concerts.

“Like a black man trying to hail a cab!”

It is definitely a real phenomenon.

The first song with the handful of Peter was actually pretty good.

And oh my god Lois was hot in this episode.

Also Adam West was put in a very good light in this episode. Who can not like a character who likes Teenage mutant hero turtles?

On the restaurant was written “Qu’est-ce que pue restaurant”. What does this mean?

They showed this ep again tonight, and I think they added underwear to the scene when they are baked on the couch and Stewie and Brian. They were totally naked before, right?

Yep. And they shortened the scene too. There were a couple lines where Lois said that Peter was knocking at her back door and she asked Brian if she should let him in…

Oh yeah, I remember those lines.

I bet they pussed out because of the new increased FCC fines.

Yeah, I saw it on CN a week or so ago and they were def. nude, not underweared. And Lois asking Brian if she should let Peter in the back door was one of the funniest scenes, too bad it got cut.

“Brian! Peter’s knocking on the back door!”
“He’s knocking on the back door! Should I let him in? Should I let him in the back door?”