Family Guy 4/9

So far, so good, a car-chase parody, a ripoff of the Ardmann/Chevron claymation cars, Mayor We catches and kills the Noid…

Heh, Kermit as the “mystery informer”, YAAAY!!!

Lois and Peter getting stoned, Peter gets the munchies and eats his guitar…

Meg and Adam West!

And not only is Stewie gay but he’s into bestiality!


Although, to be fair, for the purposes of the bit (and pretty faithfully to the show’s continuity in general) Brian is human in all but species.

It’d be more analogous to … oh… Opie and Aunt Bee. If Aunt Bee were Uncle Bee. Or something. Brain hurt need asprin now…

However much I love Adam West… that was a pretty terrible episode. A few good jokes, a lot more bad ones, and more than a few absolutely atrocious ones that shouldn’t have been let anywhere near the show. Ugh.

The intrusion of Tom Cruise was unwelcome, as the intrusion of Tom Cruise usually is, but overall a strong ep. The Handful of Peter songs were hilarious.

The 80s references were a little thick. I loved the noid, though. “Perhaps it is the noid who should have avoided me.”

It was okay.

The adam west stuff was great, particulary the noid bit.

And I liked the bit where they were licking chris(It was disgusting, but hilarious).

What was the deal with cleveland?

Brian decided to run to the store when Cleveland was trying to hail him. So Cleveland got all Michael Jackson on his ride.

“Heh heh heh heh! Brian wants to have sex with me soooooo bad. He’s never going to get to! Heh heh heh heh!” “Yeah. Heh heh heh heh heh.”

I hurt myself.

What is that song that went How at the end? It’s a lovely melody.

I’m pretty sure it was just a “Handful of Peter” original.

“How could this have happened?/HOW could this have happened?/HOW.”

I missed the Episode for Sopranos, does anyone know if Cartoon Network will be showing it in the next few weeks?

I thought for sure I would get to point out the Michael Jackson reference! DAMN!

Overall, the episode was funny but not a classic one.

“Handful of Peter” is a riot, though!

And Lois’s stoned ramblings, “He want to do me SO bad…but he’s not gonna get to!”

I checked, but didn’t see it in the next 2 weeks.

Thanks :frowning: I need to record FG and watch it time shifted.


I think Chris had more lines last night than he has in any other episode. I especially liked his “You were so baked you thought you sounded better than you really did.”

And the whole monologue on drugs that came after. That was brilliant.

And Stewie’s Mr. Belvedere … twice as funny the second time.

Not a great ep, but a really good one.