Family Guy 6/12/05

Now that was a great episode.

It was a good episode. A lot of cut aways really made it enjoyable. To bad about Cleveland and Loretta though. I wonder which one will leave the show?

The power of Christ compels you bitch!

Took a while to get warmed up but I loved the Adam West bit.

Darrin finally gets his revenge.

How can you afford these things?

I thought the first half of the episode generally wasn’t that funny… the second half had some great stuff in it though (Adam West is ALWAYS great). Overall, I’d say it was okay, not excellent.

I loved the Lassie bit.

So…uh…Meg. You’re…your’e 17 now, right? Oh hi, Mark!. Well…uh…heh…well. Um…if you ever want to screw around…

Ugh, bad, bad episode with a couple funny parts.

What about their ADD-afflicted kid?

I loved all the murphy beds in Quagmire’s pad. And the look on Meg’s face during Brian’s drunken overture was hilarious.

Best moment, though – Lois getting worked up, dropping her drawers, and demanding to be spanked – and her demure reaction after Brian delivered.

(That dog gets a lot of action.)

Red rocket! Red rocket!

The “Kicked in the Nuts” reference at the end killed me.

I found the helicopter on the ground spiraling funny.
And the Lassie bit.


I am listening to Rock Lobster as I read this. Awesome!


Typical show and one reason I was lukewarm about the return. Mostly dumb and unfunny jokes dragged out forever with a scattering of actual humor if you search for it.

The show jumped the shark big time before it went off the air the first time. McFarland has just run completely dry.

Oh, something I forgot last night… the Jon Edwards joke was like the third one in the last two weeks that was basically a direct rip off a South Park joke from a few years back. What’s up with that?

Lois’s Spanking ranks up there - I do have to say that this season of Family Guy seems a lot more random than previous seasons.

I also really dug the Peter-to-Quagmire Transformers transition.

This was a VERY good episode, IMO. I loved that whole Rock Lobster thing so much and the “Full-Blown AIDS” number gave me a chuckle too. I got a kick out of Seth’s tribute to his fellow RISD alum Shepard Fairey, as well: What Peter painted on the Sistine Chapel.

That episode was incredible. Back to pre-cancellation form. I thought it was funny, start to finish.

  • Did we know his name was Cleveland Brown?

  • I loved the Rocky 3 ending. DING…DING!

  • The ass slapping was the second funniest Family Guy gag of all time. I love it when they take Lois into the gutter.

  • The AIDS song had me rolling.

  • And what about the hilarious Natalie Wood/charades gag?

Caricci: What’s weird is, I saw that Andre the Giant picture for the first time yesterday (on the Rotten Library’s article) and then I saw the gag.

Canh someone explain to me why Lois was getting spanked by Brian? I was on the phone for part of the episode, and I wasn’t hearing what she was saying, I jsut say her get excited, jump up, pull her pants down, bend over, and get spanked by Brian. While I have no problems seeing Lois in her underwear (Lois is probably the hottest (cartoon) mom ever) I would like to know the context.

Also, since when does Peter have a boat? It didn’t look like his fishing boat, more like a yacht.