Family Guy

It wasn’t bad, absolutely loved the scene where Quagmire explains exactly why he hates Brian.

It was a pretty good summary of Brian’s character to boot. At the beginning of the series Brian was smart, witty, and seemed to be pretty on the ball. That all changed probably starting back when Brian got hooked on the junk while he was a police dog. He’s not as likable a guy as he used to be.

I like those moments when the show reminds viewers that for all of Brian’s cosmopolitan habits, he’s still a dog. Moments like when he gets a bag stuck on his head and freaks out, when Lois threatens him with the vaccuum cleaner, and when Lois distracts him by fake-throwing the ball.

Whole dern series changed around that time (well, maybe slighlty before, I usually peg it to after the initial cancellation. Series as a whole used to be smart, witty, and on the balll, not to mention spot on parodies and witty cutaway gags. Now it seems to be focussed more on scatological and lowbrow sex jokes. Still watch it on occassion to see if I can catch glimmers of its former glory - including yesterday’s ep, which makes me submit a nit: wasn’t it Peter who told Brian why Quagmire doesn’t like him? The OP presmes Quagmire said so himself (either to Peter, the audience, or Brian)

Did you watch the whole episode? Near the end, Quagmire makes a 90 second (I timed it) rant to Brian explaining all the reasons he doesn’t like him. Best 90 seconds of TV I’ve seen in a while.

My favorite line:

“I should have known Cheryl Tiegs didn’t write me that note - she would have known there’s no ‘A’ in the word definite!”

Dammmit, no I missed the last half of it, but that does sound like one of those moments I keep watching for. :frowning:


The whole episode is up on hulu.

Extra burn to Brian and his literary pretencions. Rock it.

This. And yes, it was after the initial cancellation.

Is there a site Canadians can access? :frowning: :frowning:

Stewie to Brian: “Have you been crying?”

I must say I enjoyed it too.

First because it makes Brian more “human” to have faults and second because Quagmire is presented often as “not the sharpest tack” but clearly Quagmire is smart enough to have Brian’s number and have him figure out to a tee.

Quagmire pulled Brian’s card so sweet that my husband looked at me and said, “I always thought I really liked Brian. Now, I don’t like him.”

That is my favorite freakin’ scene from FG ever. Loved it. Love Quagmire.

I adored the Quagmire smack down of Brian too. So brutal, so unsparing, yet so true. I wonder if there’s a transcript out there anywhere.

Although Quagmire is an extremely inconsistent character (Is a rapist tonight? Or “only” sex-obsessed? Or maybe a stalker?), I would say he’s probably portrayed as the most consistantly intelligent one on the show. He seems to avoid the zanier schemes.

I like to think of Quagmire as an honorable slimeball. He clearly is a sleazy guy, but he is upfront about it. He isn’t a hypocrite and I respects that.

I loved the ep when Lois asks him to have a talk with Meg and it is all set up that we think he would try to take advantage of her, and he turns out to just give good, sound advice.

He’s an airline pilot, so I guess he can’t be a complete idiot.

I think part of the joke was really that Quagmire is usually portrayed as the character on the show with the least redeeming qualities. Shallow, buffoonish, sex-obsessed, one-dimensional, ethically challenged and obnoxious. The setup is partly that such an ostensibly vile and superficial character would have any business looking down on another.

Then Quagmire is revealed not only to have some unexpected depth and self-insight, but is able to reel off a laundry list of solid reasons for why Brian is even more contemptible than Quagmire is.

Given that Brian is, to some degree, anyway, kind of an avatar for Seth McFarlane on the show, I wonder if McFarlane might have been taking a little piss out of himself as well as Brian.

I thought it was one of the best scenes Family Guy has ever done.

I can completely envision Seth dating less than bright but very hot chicks, then trying to get them to read and discuss Catcher in the Rye.

I can also envision him shitting on the lawn.

and then wiping himself with either benjamins or fox stock certificates. the man practically owns Fox Sunday night programming.

as for stewie, i for one found evil stewie to be much funnier than gay stewie. i think stewie’s lines where he’s soliciting sex would be just as effective if meg said it aloud to no reaction.

you can catch the entire replay (illegally?) on

For the record, I just want to say that I still like Brian. In all his prentitious glory.