Family Guy 11-29 (spoilers)

Did not like this one. First, everyone thinking how hilarious it is that Brian killed another dog and its not a crime. Isn’t it really if you hit someones pet? And the ending was poor, making the family think Brian was dead?

True. My wife even commented that that was as sentimental as she’d ever seen “Family Guy.”

Brian has lost a lot of cool lately for some reason.

But man we loved the vicious dog attack. BRING THE CHICKEN BACK!

Depending on local ordinances and the such, the owner of a dog that gets killed while it’s standing unleashed in the middle of the street would likely be in far more legal trouble than the driver that hit it and probably also have to pay for any damage to the car.

Of course, if the police had shown up and breathalyzed Brian, he’d have been in a world of hurt.

I liked the Rhode Island Society for Special Literary Excellence’s chaperone’s description of Brian’s book - “The simplistic writing style is very graspable to them”. Especially after last weeks speech by Quagmire.

The Peter/PETA segment was pretty lame, right until Stewie said “Wait, are we really doing this?”

I’m getting disappointed in Family Guy.

The past couple weeks just haven’t been funny. They haven’t been “bad” or offending to me…just not funny.

I actually thought the PETA/Peter bit was one of the funniest things they’ve done in a while.

“PETA is an acronym!”
“No I’m not, I’m Catholic!”

I actually loved this episode, it’s been awhile since I liked anything this much. I could relate to Brian’s situation where he sees injustice all around him and can’t do anything about it.

I loved the “Family Circus” dad, too bad the writers didn’t realize he has a name “Bill” (very early on it was Steve. The wife’s name is Thel (Thelma).

in arizona its a crime to hit an animal and not report it, iirc