Dog lovers: devise a new punishment in hell for this asshole.

It seems to me that the tortures described in Dante’s “Inferno” are too mild for this character:

I work about 1/4 mile from where this happened, and it strongly affected me. To judge by the amount of reward money donated in the past few months, it affected a lot of people strongly. I can think of few things more despicable than murdering a beloved pet just to get revenge on someone who bugs you.

Throw him into traffic a few times.

Death by Pachyderm-inflicted butt-rape.

Just leave the guy in a locked room with that other Canary Island dog they haven’t euthanized yet.

With porkchops sewed into his front pants pockets.

That story disgusted me, but not for the reason you evidently wanted it to.

People donated enough money to set up a $121,000 reward to catch the guy who killed a dog? Christ, human beings get murdered every day and the murderers slip away uncaught…these donors need to get their fuckin’ priorities straight and stop this bullshit about only caring when something cute dies.

Yeah, I kind of agree with Max Torque; I read in the newspaper a while ago that there was some local senator/governor or something that supported the idea of euthanizing a dog that had attacked a horse. They public was outraged, and wrote thousands of letters begging him not to kill the dog. The newspaper said he recieved more letters for that little incident than any other case he’d worked on, including…[sub]well, I forgot (I’m sorry, no source :(:(), but[/sub] something regarding funding for a woman who was terminally ill with cancer. Considerably less letters for that than the story about the dog.

Hello!? I like dogs as much as the next guy, but when people get more upset about a dog dying than a person dying, that’s where I draw the line.

HA HA HA!! Remember that horrible move Independence Day starring Bill Pullman and Will Smith? There’s a scene where his girlfriend, her kid, and their dog is in a tunnel and it is about to be wiped out by a huge alien fireball. So in slow motion we see them all make it to safety except the dog as the fireball creeps closer and closer. It seemed that those in the theater were more concerned with the dog then they were with all those humans being killed. I tell you it was pretty darn funny when I realized that.


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, let me get this straight. Someone killed a dog? Well stop the fucking presses. Let’s devote tons of police manpower to finding this guy; those murders and kidnappings can sit on the back-burner for a while. And to all you people who donated to the reward for his capture ($121,000): you have chosen wisely. I, for one, can think of several highly cogent reasons why finding this guy is a higher priority than finding one of our many rapists. I mean, just think of that adorable little dog! It was way cuter than this rape victim, what with the bruises and all.

Seriously though: yes, our dog-killer sounds like a grade-A asshole. You wanna charge him for cruelty to animals when and if he is found? Great. Destruction of private property? Kinda cold, but it makes sense. You wanna pop him one on the side? I could be convinced to look the other way . . . but let’s fucking get our heads straight. Gotta agree with Max on this one, this is not a big deal.

(Note: I don’t have a problem with this thread. If you want to complain about how much of an asshole this guy is, that’s fine. What bothers me is that this seems to be such a huge deal to the local police department, the crazies who sent in money for his reward, and the community in general. They have no problem being apathetic towards the horrible violence against people that occurs every day, but they decide that they’re gonna mobilize in order to catch this guy??? Shitheads.

Anyway, you guys complain about what you want, I’ll complain about what I want. Deal?)

To paraphrase a wondeful post written by Cyndar in a different thread (too lazy to look up a link right now), instead of ripping on the animal lovers who choose to donate to the “Animal Fund”, why don’t you rip on the people lovers who choose not to donate to the “People Fund”?

I’ll start by seconding boscibo.

Next, I’ll venture that it was probably not the death of the animal itself that so many found to be of concern. It was the cowardly and heinous nature of the crime which triggered so much outrage. To have an innocent animal grabbed from its owner’s lap and thrown underneath the wheels of passing traffic is horrific and callous.

I will venture to say that such conduct surely indicates a further propensity for even more violent acts. I’m just glad they caught this maggot. He will face felony animal abuse charges among many others.

Some of us like dogs more than humans. If I see the wreckage of an obviously fatal auto accident, no emotional response at all. If I see the corpse of a dog on the side of the road, it can ruin my day.

  1. I agree that it’s baffling that people would donate so much money to find a dog-killer.

  2. I think it’s shocking and utterly sickening that people DON’T put just as much money, time, and emotion into finding people-murderers; that so many of us are so desensitized to hearing about human beings murdered that their memories often don’t remain in our thoughts in more than a passing fashion.

I do this myself. I saw a horribly mangled cat on the road recently and cried for an hour but I often catch myself guiltily thinking back on some murder I heard about and realizing I had “Oh, another murder, too bad” in my mind and that was the end of it.

  1. I hope that guy, if he’s really the guilty party, gets jailed with some crazy, violent animal-rights protestors. Killing an innocent party - person or animal - because you are mad about traffic conditions is just reprehensible.

  2. Lots of people DO contribute to “find a murderer” funds or “help this family after their house burned down” funds. How do any of us know that the people who donated to the fund in question don’t also send money to human-related causes?

Here’s a good reason why animal killings should upset us.

OK, I am very fond of (most) animals and I think that guy is pond scum who should be ostracized from the community of decent people.

But I am a little tired of hearing that woman say she has “not been able to return to work” because she is still so traumatized and depressed. Yes, I did think of how I’d feel if this happened to one of my cats. But I also think of the many people who have seen actual family members killed in front of them . . . People who lost their families in concentration camps or to slavery or . . . Well, maybe I’ve got too MUCH historical perspective, but I do wish she would get a stiff upper lip.

P.S. Remember, I would indeed not hesitate to run over that guy if he stepped in front of my car, so don’t yell at me TOO loudly.

Warn me if you’re ever gonna be driving through the town where I live, okay? I wouldn’t wanna be caught in the middle of the road and force you to choose between running over me or a dog before you could stop.

So it’s just dogs, then? I’m safe if the choice is between, say, me and a warthog? How about me and a rat? Or a chicken? Say I’m crossing the road and right behind me is a large jellyfish, which will you run over?

Just let me know when I’m cute and fluffy enough to be off your hit list, K?

Yeah, but the police tend to stay on those cases and the person when and if caught gets more jail time than someone who stole a 10-speed. All your righteous indignation aside Max, people do get upset when people are killed. IMHO, donating cash to catch the criminal in this case is a way to make sure this isn’t forgotten about and pushed aside like most animal cruelty cases are.

Would this still be true if you saw a human corpse on the side of the road??

I think one reason (rational or irrational) that people occasionally seem to favor animals over humans in tragic situations is that animals are (presumably) more helpless than humans, at least when placed in a human-oriented world.

For example, the dog thrown into traffic was pretty much completely helpless to do anything about it. If the guy had tried to throw the dog owner into traffic, she could have done something to resist.

I personally find human-related tragedies much more tragic than animal tragedies, though. I’d sooner donate to a local fund drive for a kidney transplant than to help find a dog-killer.


Okay, this thread is utterly derailed from the OP, but I think Satan[sup]*[/sup] should give the guy amnesia so that he doesn’t remember what he did, then give him a pet and make him have your basic normal healthy human/pet relationship. Then Satan should take the guy for a ride on the freeway, during which he casually chucks the pet out the window.[sup]**[/sup]

Exodus 21:23-25 – "[Y]ou shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. "

[sup]*[/sup] The real fictional character of Satan. Not the poster, though he has my blessing if he thinks he can pull this off.
[sup]**[/sup] Remember, this is a fictional, Satan-created pet, so no harm, no foul. :wink:

There are some thought-provoking comments here. I agree that heinous murders of human beings should concern us all, but you’re right, jk1245: police will continue on the trail of a murderer of humans, but may not have the resources to pursue an animal abuse case for very long. I’m glad the fund enabled the search for this dickwad to continue.

But similar situations in a human vein trigger an even huger response from the general public, such as after the abduction/murder of a child, however, people in that situation tend to assist the police with manpower. The type and situation of murders of adults can affect how the public reacts to it: two guys get in a fight and one shoots the other – not a big reaction. Mother of two kidnapped, strangled and dumped by her husband’s girlfriend so husband can get insurance – huge reaction (Ventura County, California criminal case of a few years ago).

I think those of us who love animals tend to feel protective towards them, rather after the manner of parents towards children, and it is the violation of this feeling that gets us so enraged. And also, the fact that the dog is “cute and fluffy” is not the trigger for me; brutalization of ANY mute, trusting animal makes my blood boil. And the fucknut in question here lives in my own community; this is why I keep my dogs behind locked gates or indoors.

What, you only quote the parts that suit your purposes? Let’s put that in context, quoting from verse 22 to 25 (I’m using the NIV, by the way):

The passage refers only to physical injuries to a human being (note also that, according to this passage, injury to or death of the unborn is not punished nearly as harshly as injury to the mother), not to injuries to animals. For something more akin to the question at hand, let’s go to Exodus 22:1, which says:

So, if we’re gonna drag biblical standards of punishment into this, I reckon if he gives her four dogs, they’re even-stevens.