Has anyone on "Family Guy" ever commented on Brian's bestiality?

Over the course of the show he has dated several human women and in fact had a human son by one. But no one finds it strange that hot looking women want to get it on with a dog. Have they ever remarked upon it?
Also there was one episode where it was implied that Stewie was an up and coming bestialist. He tried to get Brian to have sex with him right after he broke up with yet another human girlfriend.

Brian’s a human that looks like a dog. Stewie hits on Brian all the time, he’s gay.

He once had sex with Carter Pweterschmidt’s dog in the middle of a dog race. He was also briefly married to Lois when Peter was lost at see. They slept in twin beds and she never did have sex with him, but was about to when Peter showed up. At the end she even told Brian “…plus you’re a dog”.

This is Family Guy. Brian is a dog only so long as it’s funny. He even switches from human to dog and back in the middle of single scenes. There is no continuity, not even for one episode.

I like when they bring up his being a dog at random moments. Like the episode where being a dog is like being a second class citizen.

Or the time Brian was the substitute teacher in Chris’s class and he laughingly says, “Don’t call me Mr. Griffin–that’s my father’s name,” and Chris goes, “I thought your dad’s name was Cocoa and he got hit by a milk truck.”

My favorite scenes are when they remember that Stewie is a baby and Brian is a dog, like when they were both scared of the toilet and ran away when it flushed.

Me too! I love those.

And how Brian is a novelist who drinks martinis and drives what looks like a Prius, but he’s scared of the vacuum.

One of my favorites was when Brian back to the puppy mill where he was born and asked if they remembered him. The farmer said they had a lot of dogs over the years and he couldn’t remember them all. Brian said “Yeah but I was the one who could talk.”

I’ve never seen the fear of the toilet bit, but it sounds hilarious.

I also loved Peter calling Brian out on the scraping his butt on the carpet thing. “ONE TIME!”

Hey, I’m with Brian on this one - vacuums are scary, man. What with the noise and whatnot.

When I was little airplane toilet flushes used to scare me–they were so loud!

Have we actually seen another anthromorphic talking dog other than Brian and his cousin Jasper (parallel universes don’t count)?

There’s “New Brian”, the intended replacement when the family realizes that Brian is getting old.

Wasn’t there also an old dog? I remember a flashback with an old decrepit talking dog–Peter mentions “he’s the dog we had before you.”

The bestiality is the longest running gag in family guy. It’s always there, so much so that people assume it’s not.

The ‘dogs are second class citizens’ episode also had the scene at the end where Stewie lets Brian come to his room to sleep to cheer him up and keep him company; Brian does that circling-before-lying-down thing that dogs do. It is so funny to me when they just drop those things in without comment.

Yeah, that stuff is gold. I think there’s also one where they mention Brian not sleeping with Lois and Peter because they’re having sex or something…It was just that fusion of Brian as Peter’s friend/peer and as his dog that was so funny.

There was a joke once about Brian having done bestiality porn in his past. He said something about having “licked a lot of peanut butter in my day.”

There have also been a couple of gags involving Lois throwing a ball, and Brian getting all excited about it.

“Do you want the ball? Do you want the ball?”
“Yes, I would like the ball.”