Family Guy 7/17

“Giggidy-giggidy-giggidy-giggidy, let’s have sex!”

Man, this is awesome. No forced celebrity guest apearances, a straight story line concerning a member of the family, and many actual funny bits. Although it still seems weak, it isn’t all that bad overall.

The “Take On Me” bit has been my favorite so far.

Nice take on the Trix commercial, too.

“Take On Me” was friggin’ great.

Yeah, those were definite highlights, the Take On Me parody, the Trix advert, i also thought the TIE fighters in the sewer was amusing, that and Lois nicking the Judge’s gavel…

Peter teasing the longtime fans about what tangent they were about to go off on was amusing too

Gotta agree; the “Take on Me” bit was one of the most inspired gags in the show’s history.

I’m sorry, but did I hear Quagmire say he loved banging chicks in the ass? In so many words? And did I see Peter try to blow himself? How do they get away with this?

Not quite. ‘In the can.’ IE, the slammer, jail, etc - literally, that is. Then there’s the double (or triple, even) entendre.

“Pretend I’m one of your children…Not Meg!”

Great episode, probably the best so far in the New Age. Most of the best parts have been mentioned… the Trix gag was probably my favorite. Stuff like tonight keeps me watching, for sure.

I was expecting a Mission Impossible gag there.

Did they get a new voice for Stewie?

Not that I’ve heard. It should still be Seth.

Then is it just me or does he sound different?

Sounds okay to me.

Oh! Speaking of Stewie… is it just me or was he a lot more, shall we say, sexually questionable in the “good old days”? Not to mention how long it’s been since he’s tried to take over the world. How disappointing.

Also, there was Adam We this week, which is Good.

Nobody messes with Adam We!

I liked the “If your hand is bigger than your face” joke.

This marks the second week in a row that Family Guy almost killed me, via me nearly choking on popcorn while laughing my ass off.

Good ep. I too would like to see a bit more of the Stewie trying to kill Lois and conquer the world and less of his Brian buddy comedy. Also, you notice how Brian and Peter seem to hardly get along at all anymore. I miss the Brian and Peter encouraging each other to do bad stuff gags. The codependant boozing is sorely missed.

Anyways, best gag of the show this week was Stewie’s 12 pound diaper. Seeing him with that belt, on the verge of collapse was priceless.

Pretty good Episode. Loved the “Take on me” thing.

Also got a kick out of Stewie trying to kill himself with the plastic bag and failing.

“Either my birth was a C-section or you’re wonder woman”

And Adama We, and the Sewer TIE fighters.

Was the Quagmire show supposed to be a parody of anything? It seemed like it was.