Family Guy - 7/24

Poor Meg.

I liked the Jodie Foster bit. The “special announcement” for members who’s children are stationed in Iraq was mean.

The secondary headline:
“DVD’s Paused for Headline Joke – Millions Disappointed”

I guess I missed the Iraq thing, can you elaborate?

When everyone arrives at the marina, the announcer says, “Newport would like to extend a special welcome to all those here today who have children stationed overseas in Iraq”, there’s a pause and then says, “Ha ha ha, I’m just kidding” and then the crowd (all rich upper-class whites) laugh, too.

They’re over-doing the long joke thing (Peter on X) lately. I called “rock climbing” a bunch of times tonight.

Lots of Lois T & A and lots of “they didn’t go there” jokes (the last scene, eww). Cool!

When Lois announces that she just got a wax and Peter is “cleared for landing”, you hear Quagmire say “giggidy” in the background.

Can someone explain the greasy guy running around in the grocery store?

I liked Stewie making a verb out of Shawshank. :slight_smile:

He was a character in a sketch about the company picnic. To win a day off with pay (or something) you had to catch the “greased up deaf guy” and he’s just randomly appeared ever since.

I gues that would have been funnier if I knew what a person on X was supposed to act like.

Was that close?

They’ve been over-doing that for a long time, but yeah. We were yelling at the TV to get that scene to end.

Dead on.

A shame about Cookie Monster.

I wonder which Sesame Street character gets the treatment next?


Well, sign me up!


They really hate Meg.

I’ll second that. Especially Peter’s rolling around on the carpet and wriggling out of his clothes.

OK, not great. The Iraq joke was probably the biggest laugh. They’re overusing the Greased-Up Deaf Guy. (I have to be the first person to ever type that sentence.) Once again, the best stuff comes from Brian and Stewie. The jokes involving Meg are becoming downright cruel.

I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t really do anything with the Lois on diet pills aspect of the story. Also disappointed in the painfully obvious Pez bit.

I thought there would be more of a pay off to the Stewie hires Brian bit.

Now that we have an explanation of the greased-up deaf guy, can get the history on the evil monkey? Where did he come from? What does he want? I mean aside from “A Room of One’s Own.”

I like to describe it that way because it puts me in mind of Virgina Woolf smoking pot and listening to Foghat.

He came home from work to find his wife cheating on him with another monkey. Apparently he’s projecting his anger onto Chris.

From the interview with Seth MacFarlane in the August 2005 issue of Blender: