Family Guy 7/17

I liked this episode as well. Not nearly as shallow and pedantic as the others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I think I’ll the first to say I don’t miss Stewie triyng to take over the world/kill lois. IMO, it got old and stale, and dare I say, cliche, even though it was the only show doing it, it still, somehow became cliche. Maybe bring back a few bits of Lois hatye, but I didn’t really like in the first season how every ep. had a secondady plot with Stewie trying to kill Lois/take over the world.

Stewie still mentions killing someone every now and then. I think he’s just gotten lazy.

Mark this one down as a good one. Last week I criticized the vomitting gag as a nice setup with a weak payoff.

This week’s grossout gag, Stewie’s diaper, was exactly the opposite. Standard setup (Mom leaves, house goes to mess), Hilariously original payoff!

The TakeOn Me gag was nice. What was funny was that they played it straight. I kept expecting the Aha guy to do something weird, but it really seemed to be the regular video!

And to add one more funny bit: Joe’s wheelchair as a rickshaw!

Peter: Chris, where have you been?
Chris: I don’t KNOW!

-Joe on me

My favorite was the conversation between Peter and Lois with Quagmire in the background.

“That statement also has sexual overtones.”

Just a note. I have been looking for clips of the music video. Apparently, they were available on the official site, but are no longer there. They might appear again. Also, on the blog, I read the following:

Between the Take On Me gag and the Neverending Story bit, this episode could do no wrong in my eyes.

I came back here just to ask if anybody knew of an online clip to the music video. if you find it, please post it here.

I’d like to send a link to this clip to people to show them why they should be watching this show.

Well, like I said a second ago, I am also looking for clips. I can recall a certain site that often contains clips, but I can not find it now. However, I managed to find the original video at (Where else?)

P.S. This is not to say that I expect to find them they day after it comes on. Sure, it is easy to upload video, nowadays, but give people a little time to work, ok?

My favorite joke this week was when the Joe, seeing Peter Sumo wrestling on TV exclaims “Oh my God!”

His wife calls in from out of frame “Did you walk?”

Cut to commercial.


I forgot about that one. Pure, pre-cancellation GOLD!

My post was actually a response to yours, but the other post snuck in-between.

This is why one should always do a quote-response, I suppose.

Pretty good Episode. Loved the “Take on me” thing.

Also got a kick out of Stewie trying to kill himself with the plastic bag and failing.

“Either my birth was a C-section or you’re wonder woman”

And Adama We, and the Sewer TIE fighters.

**Was the Quagmire show supposed to be a parody of anything? It seemed like it was.[/**QUOTE]
It sort of reminded me of the random act of bursting into song and dance during the show “Laugh In”
Loved the TIE fighters in the sewer and the appearance of the Goonies.

Anyone catch the sign on the chinese restaurant when the family first arrived in Asiantown? It was a parody of the horrible attempt that you often find in translating chinese to english. It said something like “Good food you get eat” or something. It flashed so quickly I didn’t see exactly what it said but the gist made me damn near hork up my pizza I was laughing so hard. Man, I love that show.

[QUOTE=The Chao Goes Mu]
“Either my birth was a C-section or you’re wonder woman”


What I don’t get is, Stewie wasn’t born with that head shape. His was slender and tall.

Brian was watching him one day while Stewie was jumping on the bed, and he hit the ceiling, which caused the headshape we see now and oh so dearly love.

That’s not even really news.

Um, all right, so, ah… I’m just going to go out in the hallway and throw up about something else.


[QUOTE=The Chao Goes Mu]
“Either my birth was a C-section or you’re wonder woman”

Actually, they’ve contridicted themselves on this a number of times. Yes, they showed his head becoming a football, but they have also shown flashbacks of him in the womb and him getting born with the football head, so who knows which way is which.

“There aren’t any female babies at all—this place is a sausagefest!”

I didn’t like it as much as some here did—I actually thought they could’ve done more with Lois being a klepto and then being in jail—but the gags were absolutely stellar.

That reminds me. I loved the part where Stewie was fired from the Manufacturing Job and replaced with an infant.

[nitpick] It was Lois who asked Chris that. [/nitpick]
That was my favorite quote. My second favorite:
Peter: “What the hell is wrong with you?”
Brian: “I’m a dog. I have a hard time standing up in a car.”

But I missed the very end. What did Peter do to Brian that “wasn’t cool”?

He insisted on demonstrating sumo wrestling techniques against Brian, bouncing Brian across the room and sending him smashing into a pile of glassware.