Family Guy 4/30

“He nailed me in the bedroom with a lead pipe.”

“Uh, yeah, I’m looking for a guy named Stewie.”

“Chris! Grab the legs. I’ve got to bury this thing!”

“But I don’t think–”

“Grab the legs!”

“How’d they pack so much fudge in here! Oh, and there’s even some nuts!”
“A Luden’s cough drop? Is that candy? No, it’s a cough drop!”

Obviously you should have noticed that it isn’t normal for a human being to have forearms that size?

Yes, she’s brought music back to the house. . . Even though most of her songs are about rape, it’s still nice.

Naked President Clinton and Elizabeth Smart jokes- gotta love it!

Chris: I think I’m going to bury my dog by the end of the day.

Republican Girl: Whoa, I said you could touch my boob, let’s not get crazy here.

Also, I loved Stewie and the lame old person candy dish, with the Volkswagen Scirocco key tying in with Mayor West.

“So its about three hookers and their mom?”

There were just too many wonderful lines to remember them all, but I loved Clinton’s little song in particular. And Adam West was especially insane.

Brilliant episode.

The ep was so-so, but Clinton’s song was terrific.

“My god…I’m a tomato”

I cracked up at the Popeye part and the gay video was pretty good, making this about the 5th straight FG I’ve seen that had one or two very good parts and about 2 dozen jokes that fell flat.

Decent episode. Most of the good parts have been covered.

I did like Peter as a member of the Proclaimers.

Wow, seems like I am the only one who thought last night’s episode was one of the worst!

The cheese stands alone, I suppose.

Alright enough episode. The aforementioned tomato line was absolutely perfect.

WAY too many “like that time when…” <flash away> moments, at least six or eight, including several in short succession. It DOES get annoying and hackneyed after a while, especially when only a quarter of them are actually funny.

This week’s episode was worth watching, though, which is an upgrade from some of the other recent ones.

So I want to marry a hairless Filipino boy. Isn’t that the American dream?!?!

You’re not alone. I didn’t think much of it either.

Really? I thought that was particularly lame in a series of fairly lame bits.

The show is hit and miss, with too many misses lately for my taste.

I did think it would have been funnier without the attack. Just the revelation that Peter is the “NAH-nu-NAH-NAH” guy. Either way, a Proclaimers joke just scores with me for some reason.

A strong episode. Nice to see Stewie getting violent again. And the Popeye bit was gold!