Family Managed Health Care

Someone I know, whom I think is a Libertarian (and a libertine, to boot! :p) sent me a link to the Family Managed Health Care plan. I’ve just started reading it, but I thought I’d throw it out there for comment and debate.

Well, reading through it…

My parents are dead. My sister and family are on Disability and don’t work. I’m never going to get married or have a family. Sounds like a bad deal for me.

OK, reading further I see they address people without families:

So you can join another pool – if another pool will let you in.

Ah, yes! The demon Mexican Illegals! :rolleyes:

On my quick reading, this doesn’t sound like a good plan. Why have millions of accounts spread amongst thousands of banks? Why limit (for the most part) people to being pooled with their own families? What about gay people, who are probably not going to have offspring? What about people like me, for whom the window for starting a family has closed? It sounds as if the FMHC plan wants to do what those of us who would prefer a government-run plan want – only they want to enforce their own moral values upon participants.

One bump.

If no one replies, let’s just let it die and I’ll tell my acquantance I think the plan sucks.