Family of Nicknamers

I come from a family of nicknamers. I think it comes from my Dad’s side, which makes me wonder if it’s a Southern thing. He’s from Alabama and started the tradition by nicknaming my grandmother “Miz” - it comes from calling her “Ms. Winters” when he was dating my mom.

Dad’s nicknames for me (just a few): Sweet Sister, Glorious, The Disputor

For my brother: Your Mother’s Methodist, Our Man, Strong

For my mother: My Supervisor, Sweet Mother, Pussy(!)

For my husband: My Sergeant

I have about 1,000,000 of my own for my husband. A few: Sweet Pea, Little Ears, Hooch, Boo-atch

For my dog: Princess Fuzzybutt, Silly, Short and Furry

My best friend (her name is Heather): The Heed
My co-worker, Ivy: Eye-Bee

Any other nicknamers out there?

yes, i nickname as well. so it must not be a totally southern thing.

i think princess fuzzy butt is finestkind. i use fur ball, fur face, wuffin, purrster, with the kitty cats. children are: munchkins, kidlets, or kiddles.

I have been called : Lisa-Pizza, and Lisa-Lisa my whole life.

My mother is : the old hag (she loves the name!)
My dad is : The old fart man
My sister is: wench
My husband is: lil’ monkey, hon’, honey, sweetheart, stud
My dog Katy is: princess, Ka-Ka, kitty (se thinks she is a cat) and when my dad chases her down the road she is " get over here you damn dog!)

My grandmother has been, and always will be, Beastie. When I was about 2 yrs old, we were in the car and I was being a pain in the ass, so she said “Oooh, you’re such a little beastie!” (She’s British, forgive her ;)) Somehow, from that day forward I called her Beastie. Or Grandma Beastie. My brother and all 3 of my cousins (one’s 21, one’s 6, one’s 2) all also picked it up, and she’s been Beastie ever since.

My other grandma is The Duba. Not like Dubya… Duber, in a Rhode Island accent. It’s a play on her last name. My older cousin calls her “Dooberoo”, and my friends call her “Grandma Woo” because she goes “Woo!” in this cute shocked old lady voice when anyone swears or makes off-color comments.

My parents called me Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring when I was really young, had something to do with a character on Sesame Street. My brother was always Seany-D, for Sean Daniels, his first and middle name.

My wonderful brother took to calling me Cat Pee after the cat peed on my rug one day… nice.

My grandma’s name is Palma, but everyone knows her as Barney. She is nearly 90 years old and has been known as Barney since she was 6. Her mother (who was from a town near Naples) spoke no English, and when she took grandma to her first day of school, she introduced her as “Palmina.” The teachers apparently misheard her thick Italian accent, grandma never corrected them, and “Barney” has stuck ever since.

Nearly everyone in my mother’s family goes by their middle names. I’ve no idea why! And as I said recently in another post, it was only in the last year or two that I discovered my Uncle Eric’s given name is actually George Errickson.

I refuse to share any of my own nicknames. :slight_smile:

Well, I have to reply to this thread.



BLT/Amburger/Am/Sissy ((My sister Amber))
Nommy/Mama-Dee ((My maternal grandmother))
Daddy-Dee ((My maternal grandfather))
Uncle Ya
Uncle B
Ma P
Ma M

Semi/Brother ((My whole family calls me Brother, not just my sis, as I was the only male child of all my dad’s seven brothers and two sisters for quite some time. I now have a rival in my three year old cousin Justin Michael. All my friends down here call me Semi.))

And this is really just to name a few. These just happened to pop into my head first. All these people are always called this and I’ve never called them anything else.

If I had time, all these names have wonderful stories that go with them.

I don’t really give my family nicknames. I do call my mom “madre” a good deal.
My nickname for my sister is ho, and hers for me is bee-yatch. It’s all about love.

My friends:

The Germ
The Nuge
Nameless One
Uncle Remus
Da Big E
The Mighty Scandinavian