Family of skunks greet cyclist.

You won’t believe what happens next!

Cuteness ensues. :wink:

I saw this a few days or a week ago and yes, it is very cute.

Do I need to put this in a spoiler? well, maybe.
Rough translation from the behavior:

[spoiler] "We are skunks.

We can look and sniff at whoever and whatever we please, because ain’t nobody going to give us any trouble. Because we are skunks."
– I was once working alone out in a vineyard that was a long way out a private road in poor condition. I’d left my car at the point at which the road started getting really bad, and walked the rest of the way.

One day after work I started walking back out when I spotted something coming toward me, right down the center of the road. Oh – a skunk. It kept coming, straight toward me. I moved out of the road and off to the side. The skunk continued, entirely unhurried and entirely unflurried, along its original route; after it was well past I returned to mine.

It was utterly confident that I would get out of its way. After all, it was a skunk. And it was right. After all, it was a skunk. [/spoiler]

All the little skunks started squawking, “Ma! Ma, buy us a bike, Ma! We wanna bike, Ma! Can we get a bike Ma?”

So she led the brood off down the road, silently cursing the humans as usual.

A skunk licked my face once.

(OK, it was a de-scented pet at a Boy Scout camp, but I’ll always remember it)

I’m not going to lie, those freaking skunks are cute, it looks like a real life Disney cartoon.

WAY back when I was in junior high school my cousins and I were driven up north of town to where there was an abandoned missile silo. They were giving tours before it was remodeled into a high school for that county. Wide open country all around. I ran up to the top of a rise of ground, and what is right there by my feet, awakened from sleep? A skunk. I froze in place as it turned around and stomped off, probably thinking “Stupid kid”. I back away so as not to alarm it and we went our seperate ways without incident/

Not as surprising as one might think. :slight_smile:

[spoiler]Darling video. :slight_smile: They really don’t spray unless they feel quite threatened.

I once had a precious cute Western Spotted skunk take up residence in my hen house. All down to carelessness on my part, I’m sad to say. She really wanted to stay there – a fabulous place to brood a litter of babies!

In my efforts to dislodge her, I poked with a hoe at the nest she’d begun to build. While she was still in it. She gave me a tiny warning “shot.” It got my attention, but it wasn’t enough to even scent me. I raised my hands and backed out of the house. She won that round, obviously.

I ended up successfully smoking her out with soaked wood chips, but it made me a little sad to lose track of her. Adorable thing!![/spoiler]

Yeah, on foot or bike the skunk gets the road. But we all know…

When I was living in Aptos, I often went running in The Forest of Nisene Marks.
Had several encounters with skunks though only one stopped to investigate the strange creature, the others just ambled by or off into the brush. None were in the hurry this family seemed to be.

fart squirrels.

I had a guest who was checking out once mention there was a raccoon by the door (it was about 4 AM). I went to check, peered behind a planter and saw… A black and white head peering up at me with this look that said “um, lady, I’m busy hiding” so I beat a hasty retreat and warned security and my night cleaner to avoid that door. It vanished without incident.

Yes; the attitude that ‘everybody else will get out of our way, we’re skunks!’ works against them when the problem is cars and trucks.

Not because the drivers wouldn’t get out of the skunks’ way if they could – after all, they’re skunks! even the car wash may refuse to let the skunked car in – but because they’re often travelling too fast to do so.

Or trains. I was on a train once when the engineer radioed the conductor (who happened to be in my car) that there was a skunk on our track who not only wouldn’t move out of the way but was preparing to spray the train bearing down on it. A couple of seconds later, we smelled the results of that interaction :frowning: and the engineer told the conductor that the skunk never moved out of the way.

And then my head exploded…

Or motorcycles. I hit one when I was out riding once; the smell was so bad I just about barfed in my helmet.

They are pretty darling. I’ve found them inspecting my tent when camping at racetracks. They just sniff around the outside and then go away. As more humans arrive, the further away they stay but when just a couple of tents or cars are around, they will check it out.