Family Reunion location advice needed

A relatively small group of my extended family (3 to 4 nuclear families… 30 people at most, probably) are planning to have a relatively informal reunion next summer. We’re not interested in any fancy preorganized business with geneology, etc. What we are interested in is trying to find a nice place to have it. What would be perfect would be a collection of rental houses on a lake with hiking/outdoorsy stuff, lawns, sports, etc.

Location could be anywhere in the US, ideally in the northeast region.

I expect there are travel agents who specialize in this kind of thing, but some googling didn’t point me towards any… those who seem interested in family reunions seem to want to organize much bigger, more elaborate, more expensive things.

Can anyone recommend a good location to me? Or can anyone recommend a travel agent who you’ve worked with who you think would be able to help with this kind of thing?

For collections of rental houses (or condos) on lakes, Northern Minnesota can be quite nice. Also, the Lake Superior shore. Search Gull Lake or Brainard or North Shore. Wisconsin would be pretty much the same, further East (Door County is suppose to be beautiful). Probably the wrong side of the Great Lakes for you guys, but if you are interested, I’ll see if I can do some more digging for specifics.

Both my roommate’s and my boyfriend’s families rent beach houses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It seems to work well for them. Luckily, no hurricanes ruined this year’s plans, but I guess that is something to keep in mind if you decide to rent near a coastal area.