Famous Australians that weren't born in Australia.

Sorry about the thread title, but that’s the basic gist.

I overheard a conversation about trivia today at lunch and it got me to wondering…

He said, “name four famous people that were born in Australia”. So, like most people, he said (after some thought), Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, and Angus Young and Olivia Newton-John. I knew that Mel and Nicole were born in the USA, didn’t know that Angus Young was actually born in Scotland (along with almost every other member of AC/DC), and I knew that ONJ was born in England.

It got me to wondering, what famous people from (insert country here) weren’t actually born there? Examples I can think of are: Victoria Principal (Japan), Bruce Willis (Germany), Gene Simmons (Israel), Elizabeth Taylor (England). I’m sure there are many, many more.

You forgot Naomi Watts, who was born in Kent.

Actually… are there even any Australian celebrities that were born there?

LOL. I was thinking the same thing… Does Air Supply count? At the rate I’m going, they were probably all born in Kuwait.

Not Russell Crowe, he’s from New Zealand.

And special mention goes to Sam Neil. Some people think he’s American. Some people think he’s British. Some people think he’s from Australia. Some people think he’s from New Zealand. He was in fact born in Northern Ireland.

Keanu Reeves. Canadian, born in Beirut.

The big one in America are the dozens of celebrities from Canada.

Elle Macpherson. Born in Sydney.

The Bee Gees started their musical career in Australia, sometimes it confuses people into thinking they’re Australian. Of course Andy Gibb also immigrated to Australia when he was less than a year old

Cate Blanchett, Portia de Rossi, Errol Flynn, Miranda Kerr, and Geoffrey Rush are all authentic native-born Australians.

Paul Hogan, on the other hand, was born in Lithuania.

No, just kidding, he was born in New South Wales.

Steve Irwin was born in Australia. His wife is American.

Colin James Hay, the lead singer of Men At Work, best known for their song “Down Under” which is all about being Australian and all that, was born in Scotland.

Our Prime Minister.

Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney.

Victor Trumper was more than likely a New Zealander. Clarrie Grimmett certainly was.

There was some conjecture where Errol Flynn was born but these days it is usually accepted as Hobart. (A lot of this was due to the porkies Flynn himself told).

Joh Bjelke-Petersen also was a New Zealander.

Russell Crowe was Born in NZ, moved to Aus at four.

Kylie Minogue was born in Melbourne, Australia, about 5 minutes drive from the suburb where I grew up.

Rupert Murdoch was also born in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up with cousins of his family.

Bryan Brown was an accomplished Australian actor (Breaker Morant, Thorn Birds) and made a few hollywood films (Tai Pan, FX). I think he was born in Sydney.

In response to the Australia question, I mentally responded:

Hugh Jackman, Guy Pierce, Julia Gillard, and John Howard

(I 'spose those last two are only famous for non-Australians that follow Australian politics.) How’d I do? I see Hugh’s already been cleared; was Pierce born in Australia?

I guess I can look this up myownself. Nope - Pearce was born in the UK, emigrated at 3. Dammit! And I spelled his name wrong before. Two strikes already!

Funny. Gillard was born in Wales. (Apparently y’all don’t have that native born clause in your laws, hey? Must be some Commonwealth thing.) I’m not even safe choosing Prime Ministers!