Famous/Deep quotes from Really Lame Sources

I discovered to my chagrin recently that the quote “But who watches the watchmen?”, which I always assumed to be a translation from something suitably epic and deep (ie, Bible/Koran/Torah/whatever), is actually taken from a Latin piece called “Against Women”, in which the author claims that locking your wife up and setting someone to guard over her is not worthwhile, because who watches the guard?

So, my question to you:
Are there any quotes that you like that turn out to have actually come from a really unimpressive source?

It’s a LONG time since I read Juvenal, but actually I recall finding him quite entertaining: he’s just such a grumpy snarky old cynic about everyone and everything.

You might find you have a debate on your hands aobut how “impressive” the works you mentioned really are. However, not from me, as it is hours past sleepytime here. Do have a look at Juvenal, though - he’s a great old grump. Incidentally, he must be impressive to quite a few people, as he is still being quoted after a couple of thousand years.

Oops, I meant to say “welcome” to the board, Halitosis. :slight_smile:

No doubt, like all new posters. a breath of fresh air.