Famous people who also made songs

I had known before that Steve Burns(the host of Blue’s Clues)later became a singer,but I was surprised to find that some of his music is actually pretty good.None of it gained mainstream popularity,but I think “Mighty Little Man” in particular is better than a lot of songs that did become popular.Anyway,that led me to wonder,are there any other famous people with different careers(e.g.,acting) who also made music?Do you know of any such people?

Tracy Ullman had this 80’s hit before her TV show.

David Soul (Starsky and Hutch) had a few #1 songs.

Hugh Laurie
Harry Connick Jr was on Will and Grace for quite a while (are we counting music to acting as well?)
Bon Jovi was on Alli McBeal

Talk show host Mike Douglas had a major hit with “The Men in My Little Girl’s Life.”

Keith Carradine won an Academy Award for a song called “I’m Easy.”

That particular song was played ad nauseum on the radio for a while.

There’s the Band From TV composed of:
Sean from Felicity
Mike from Desperate Housewives
Chase from House
House from House
and a couple of other people. I believe I saw Terri Hatcher singing with them at an award show.

Hmm…seems like this thing is a lot more common than I thought.Hasn’t William Shatner released a few music albums too?

Nat King Cole had a hit with Smile, written by Charlie Chaplin.

I have the Mae West Christmas album, “Mae in December,” on vinyl. Total camp. I’m sure it’s the only existing copy.

And then there’s Brent Spiner.

House!I can’t imagine what his singing would sound like.Is he reasonably good?

My first thought was Tom Lehrer, but I see that he was interested in music early on, and kept up with it even during his mathematical studies and career, so…dunno if that counts.

Well,it appears from the Wikipedia article on him that he’s known as much for his music as for anything else,so I’m not certain that he quite qualifies.But thanks for the help.

Off the top of my head…Don Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Jenny Lewis, Scarlett Johannsen, Jamie Foxx, Jared Leto, Jennifer Lopez (remember, she was an actor first).

Reba McEntire.
Also, Will Smith.

Reasonably so.

Well,she qualifies as an actor,sure,but does she qualify as a singer?:smiley:

Here ya go. I’ve really never listened to this before. I only learned that he was into music because I was flipping thought the radio a few months back (XM) and came across his name. I believe it was something jazzy. I’m not a jazz guy so it didn’t really stick with me. Also IIRC he wasn’t singing, just playing piano.
I want to say he said he was planning to make a return to music after House…but he may have just said that he wasn’t going to do anything else on camera for a while which, while that implies music, could also mean stage work.
Also, I want to say, given all the types of music I found him doing on Youtube, I think jazz is really his thing.

Thanks for the link.As far as the music goes,he actually is pretty good-certainly better than I would’ve expected.Quite a surprise!

Steve Allen, original host of the Tonight Show, was a gifted musician and composer. He won a Grammy in 1963 for best jazz composition for The Gravy Waltz and is said to have written over 10,000 songs.

The band Rock Bottom Remainders includes Dave Berry, Steven King, Amy Tan, Maya Angelou, and other literary notables.

Hugh Laurie? He’s a really talented musician.