Famous People you would love to hear from.

In case any famous people are reading this, we would like to hear from you. Who would you like to email your contact account on this board? Don’t be shy here is your chance ask for a famous person to contact you.

I would like to hear from Elvira she is a such a well spoken presence and sexy of course.

Cyndi Lauper I would like to hear from you. Your music is great, and you are such an exuberant personable lady.

Bruce Campbell you are the man. Nobody does horror or or funny serials as well as you.

Boris Putin. You seem pretty cool, KGB inspired torture notwithstanding.

Alex Lifeson, of Rush. You seem really, really cool and intelligent.

You two guys are going to have to do all of the talking, tho, and I’ll just hang. I got no life.

Oh, wait, I forgot Tim Meadows and Rob Schneider of SNL. You two guys are the coolest.

All the chicks I want to contact me are not famous.

Does that ever work?

Also: how would you know if someone claiming to be Famous Person actually IS Famous Person?

Go with the flow. This is not a debate thread.

Oh, okay, so, Blue Sky type of thing.

Well…I wouldn’t mind hearing from octogenarian SF author Julian May. Or from another octogenarian, novelist Ruth Rendell. Or from non-octagenarian language experts Suzette Haden Elgin or Steven Pinker. Or from Jon Stewart or Christopher Nolan.

James May seems like he’d be kinda cool to chat with.

Megan Mullally’s character on Will & Grace was loathsome, but it always felt like the actress who could play that character would be fun to know.

If you do hear from him, tell him to have his cousin (well, second cousin) Billy get in touch with me. We could swap sea stories.

Alan Rickman

I would like to talk to Tina Fey. Maybe about snacks.

Who is Boris Putin?

I agree with Lifeson, and I would add the SDMB’s own Bad Astronomer.

She’s married to the actor who plays Ron Swanson.

I knew she was married; no idea who Ron Swanson is. Still seems like someone who’d be interesting to know.

Bruce Campbell’s second cousin, by the way, is Billy Campbell, from The Rocketeer and a bunch of other movies and TV shows. Was second choice to be Riker on Star Trek: TNG. Remember that annoying episode of Law & Order: SVU that’s a whole he-said-she-said thing, and it faces to black just before the verdict is read? He played the defendant. I think I’d eventually ask him if he was supposed to be guilty or not.

97 year old chldren’s author Beverly Cleary. What is your secret, and thanks for being part of my childhood.

Wouldn’t mind being taught a cooking class or two courtesy of Chef Morimoto. I hate that Food Network always dubs him when he talks - what little I can hear is perfectly understandable, and he seems to have a good sense of humor. Not to mention being a badass in the kitchen.

Jon Stewart can swing by and hang out anytime.

David Tennant and Alice Cooper, call me! We’ll do lunch! Maybe at the same time–that should make for an interesting conversation. :slight_smile:

Michael Shermer - always been a fan of his writing

Cecil Adams.

Stephen King - Just seems like we’d have some stuff to talk about. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind a note from James Garner.

I was staying quiet and waiting for someone to say this.

Jon Stewart would be top of my list.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is up there, too.

Paula Poundstone

Mike Rowe

That would be one interesting dinner party…