Famous singers/musicians you think are hot but totally suck

For me, it would be Sara Bareilles. Here is the Google images page of her, but I’ll spare you any links to her songs.

Edit: I messed up the title of this thread. It should be “Famous singers/musicians **you **think are hot but totally suck.”


That girl on the Partridge Family episode that Keith got to sing in front of some troops.

God I’m old.

ETA: ooo! How about Milli Vanilli??

When you say “suck” are you referring to their lack of vocal talent or the lousy quality of their songs? I ask because I can think of a number of singers who I think are quite hot, have unparallelled vocal chops, but can’t stand listening to because their songs are so drippy and bland.

Well, “totally suck” probably overstates my opinion of her, but for me, it’s Mariah Carey. Totally hot (particularly the early 90’s version when we were both a lot younger) and exotic, but even though everyone raves about her voice and vocal range, not once has any song of hers done anything for me whatsoever. Given that she’s been given song of the decade honors and has amassed millions upon millions of dollars, my opinion is obviously not shared by the vast majority of people.

Note that despite my opinion of her music, back when I still watched MTV 20 years ago, I would definitely pay attention to her videos because, hey, smokin’ hot.

Mariah Carey was the first woman I thought of when I saw this thread. The only reason I didn’t mention her in my previous post was I do think she has a good voice and I wasn’t sure if the OP was only asking for singers who look hot but sing crappy songs AND have no voice.

Use whichever interpretation you want. For Sara Bareilles, I guess she has a decent voice, but I can’t stand the crap she sings.

Fiona Apple

Perhaps it’s unfair since I only ever heard Isabelle Boulay do a cover of Edith Piaf’s “Je ne regrette rien” that totally misses the mark. Perhaps it is too identified with Piaf to do it. But she is smokin’ hot, judging by this video.


Forty years ago it was Melanie (“Brand New Key”)

Katy Perry is very attractive, but her music sounds like it was written by a retarded 12 year old.