Fan noise on new Dell 4600C

I am not sure if the fan should be as audible as it is. Is there some type of tweak that will quiet the sound during normal operation? When I reset the computer you can hear the fan quiet down. I have only had the machine for two weeks so maybe it will quiet down after a few months of use. Anyone else have a fairly loud fan? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a two year old Dell Precision and the fan noise has always been rather loud. It actually has about three different noises, ranging from very annoying (rare), rudely audible (vast majority of time), and silent (of course in the minority). I can always tell what noise the machine will emanate at start-up; as it always stays the same when in use. Personally, I wouldn’t be too frightened by the noise, though you can always call their customer assistance line and wait for them to tell you nothing’s wrong.

Dells are usually on the quiet side.

The cooling system in many Dell computers is unusual, because there is a fan mounted to the back of the case, with a duct leading to the CPU heatsink. Most computers have separate cas and CPU fans.

My advice would be not to mess with the thing if it’s a ducted cooling system. If not, you might be able to attach a speed controller between the case fan and the power source. (Check out a case modding site or

As a last resort, you might want to consider a new fan; Panaflo, Zalman and Papst are known for being very quiet. Check the fan’s decibel rating; anything under 22 db is going to be extremely quiet. Make sure, though, the airflow is still relatively high; very quiet fans often hav very low airflow.

I had to have the fan replaced on my Dell for it was so noisy. Just send them email… they replaced mine the next day. (it was in warranty) The new fan is not a lot better… I think a lot of the problem is the plastic case. After a couple years I never notice it.
Never use the phone unless you like to wait a long time… then the person you get may not can speak english or they don’t know know anything. I always get great service with email.

My mom just got a new Dell 4600c and I can tell you there is no audible sound from hers when running. In fact I have to visually check to see if the computer is on by looking at the green indicator light on the front. If yours seems on the loud side you might want to check that out; ours is silent.

My Dell has two fans, both at the back. One serves the whole cabinet, and the other has a little slide-off housing so it serves just the main chip. The main chip fan was slowing way down for no apparent reason, so I called Dell parts, and they sent me one. Mastercarder xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xTYx. I r and r’d the fan, and it’s still working today (touching chord on a Hammond B3.) Maybe I should have ordered both fans. Thyme will tell.