Fans of 70's Dreck - a Motherlode !

as most know Rhino Records produces fine retro discs.

While I would not normally post this while the other thread is alive, stock seems to be running short at retailers, so, as the little lady said:

“Get it while you can”

note: the carpet cover mentioned has, I am informed, been replaced with a printed cover. alas.

I’m not even going to look at the link. I KNOW you’re talking about the ‘Have A Nice Decade’ set from Rhino. I’ve had it for almost four years. It’s wonderful.

You’re right in that there are two covers. I got the shag carpet one for my mom and kept the glossy one for myself. Heck, I’ve actually bought three because my first one got ‘borrowed’ at a party.

You got it!

Deliciously trashy, isn’t it?


Wife just asked me if I want it. I said yes. Vicky Lawrence and Marving Hamlish will NOT be played.

Good lord! One hundred dollars for that?! :eek:

So, is Island Girl on it?

Murray Head? Is that the same guy who did One Night in Bangkok back in the early 80s?


unless the ‘guy’ was female, or transsexual surgery was involved, probably not…

"Long ago,
and oh, so far away
I fell in love with you
before the second show…’

aka ‘Teenybopper’s lament’ (yes, nasty AND sexist, but I distinctly remember the phrase)

Wrong ‘Superstar’

Murray Head was/is male - just listened to his version of ‘Superstar’ - it starts

“Jesus Christ, superstar”

but goes somewhere I don’t remember that song going.


Still, pure dreck.

Non dreck. We’ve had this discussion. And there’s very little ‘look how big my weenie is’ stuff on the disks. I’ll take that over classic rock, anyday.

I’m really enjoying the little “Superstar” discussion here. I was so confused there for a minute!

The Worst Rock and Roll Records of All Time mentioned this set ten years ago:

They said that “The only thing that would have made this more perfect would be if they had released them as a set on 8-track tapes.”

Yeah, no kidding! The lyrics happyheathen quoted were from The Carpenters song. Then I thought, well maybe there was another version, but still I didn’t quite get his transsexual remark. :slight_smile:

So my question still stands - is that the same Murray Head? I thought he was a one-hit wonder in the 80s and didn’t have anything else out there.


I feel old…I remember “Jesus Christ, Superstar” the rock opera (Webber/Rice, no?). My mom had the LPs… I have the CDs…

after 15 minute on Google, I can say:


He was involved in the recording of JC Superstar, although I didn’t see any citation to support Rhino’s attribution as a solo act.

I can remember the fuss being made in the early 80s that the guy from JC Superstar was doing this synth-pop thing from Chess.

IIRC, he’s really an actor who just happened to end up with a few singles to his credit.

I have the CD. Head is listed as playing the part of Judas Iscariot. That song is in the libretto as only with the parts of Judas and a chorus.

Jonathan Chance was right about Murray Head. A few decades ago the idea of musical theater actors having top 40 hits might not have seemed so strange.

I thought Happyheathen was confused by the female version of One Night In Bangkok, by Canadian singer-actress Robey, best known in the States for her role on the successful syndicated Friday the 13th series

Oh jeez Louise… I guess I know what I’m getting Valkyrie for her next birthday.

This sounds like something that’s right up the SO’s alley. I just sent him the link.

Yes, Murray Head sang the role of Judas on the original recording of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Jesus was Ian Gillan, who spent most of his time with Deep Purple, screaming about fast cars, fast women and burning hotels.

Mary Magdalene was Yvonne Elliman, who hooked up with the Bee Gees and had a few disco hits in the late 70s.

Yvonne likes to tell people that Webber and Rice offered her a choice of payment: 250 pounds or one half of one percent of the profits from the record sales. She needed the rent money, so she took the 250 pounds without a second’s hesitation. In retrospect, she can’t believe how much money she tossed away!