Fans of Hellblazer Anyone?

So a very quaint but extremely well stocked comic book store recently opened up where I live. So I decided to stop by and replete my much diminished Hellblazer collection. I used to have about fourty stored in boxes in my attic before a leak in my new house ruined damn near all of them. Tragic, I know, but that’s neither here nor there. I’ve beenan avid fan of Hellblazer since my youth to the point that Sting is also my favorite artist by association (or vice versa I can’t remember which was first.) My first new issue was 181 which I knew from experience was a stand-alone so there would be no cliffhanger issues. I love the Helblazer series because it is everything I try to embody in my own art and writing. It’s edgy fascinating well written, cheeky, and funny. Plus the charcters are gritty, beleivale and, most importantly, badass. I wanted to know if there were any fellow dopers who felt the same or if not what your opinions are on the series.

(Apologies in advane for any misspellings or grammar errors it’s not me it’s my slow-ass computer T_T)

Only read a few issues. Got a grasp of the character though a Swamp-Thing big book thingy. I like the character but never branched into the series, always feared it was way too eager to look cool and hip, without the substance to back it up.
The last I read was the one written by Ellis and drawn by Bradstreet I think, with the Cradle of the Antichrist. Really liked the art and the pacing Bradstreet gave to the story (and I usually hate pseudo photorealist artists like Alex Ross or Adi Granov, and most of Bradstreet’s covers).

I drifted away from the series after Garth Ennis’s run finished. I think Eddie Campbell wrote a few shortly thereafter, but had no real feel for the character. Like Nick Fury and Dr. Strange. John Constantine seems to work better as an occasional guest star in other titles.

*Not a real song, just quoting a page or two from one issue-- Should be kosher, right?

I like Hellblazer.

I also like the Lucifer comics.

I love Hellbalzer, but what I usually do is I by a few tpbs every few years. Garth Ennis’ Constantine was my first, so he’s probably my favorite take on the character, but Moore’s version on Swamp Thing is also very good. I liked Azzarello’s a lot as well, but think I’m alone in that.

I actually have the entire run. Subscribed from day one. I obviously haven’t lost my taste for it. :slight_smile:

I like the feel of strangeness going on in the shadows of our world, along with Constantine’s smartass sense of humor. I also like the way they do dialogue, the quick patter with the almost songlike UK voices. Makes the supernatural element feel more ancient.

Actually since I’ve started the thread I’ve recovered about twenty issues and discovered some new series that I like really well. Bought a vintage Dr. Strange issue and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ll have to post some pictures of the comic store its the best. Small little store, lots of comics, DnD which is fine.