Fans of Spoon, Les Savy Fav, Dismemberment Plan, etc wanted

I am looking for some music recommendations. Thanks to my new iPod, I spend a good deal of my unused time listening to music, which is good, but the downside is that I need some new stuff. I especially like bands like Les Savy Fav, Dismemberment Plan, Burning Airlines, and Spoon, indie music with a rock flavor. If anyone knows of a good band to check out that has interesting guitar riffs without being too “experimental” for a wannabe indie kid, reccomendations will be highly appreciated.

If you have never heard of those bands, go get a few songs from Kazaa, they won’t mind, especially if you get interested in them because of it.

Check out ** Enon**, featuring ex-Brainiac guitarist John Schemersal. Here’s a link where you can download some songs. I’d recomend Brainiac too; any Dismemberment fan owes it to themselves to listen to them, and Les Savy Fav took a page from them.

Jangly riffs? Check out the kings, Polvo.
A band that’s huge right now is Interpool. Fairly straightforward rock, ala the Wedding Present without the hyperactive drumming.

Be sure to visit often. They are completely in love with the music you describe, and they post five reviews a day. Great place to find new stuff. In fact, they have an article on Les Savy Fav up now! Your lucky day!

When I saw “fans of Spoon,” I was already thinking "Evildoers, eat my justice!!

Yeah, I have some Interpol, I love Enon, and I’ll be sure to check out Polvo and The Wedding Present. I discovered Pitchfork a while back, and I think they are the most intelligent reviewers ever. Saw a funny comic in my school’s paper today; it had a long line of indie looking kids, and one of the people at the back asked “Why are we standing in this line to jump off the cliff?” to which was answered “Because pitchforkmedia told us to.”

Thanks for your recommendations.

!!! (That’s a band)
Crooked Fingers (new band from the Archers of Loaf frontguy)
Detroit Cobras (garage rock / Soul)
Young & Sexy
The Sea and Cake
New Pornographers

Cursive-incredible band…you have to check these guys out.
Appleseed Cast-look for stuff off of their second album
Milemaker-crazy bunch of mofos…

I’ll second Cursive and Interpol, add Death Cab For Cutie (who toured with Dismemberment Plan a while ago) and tell you to check out Bluebottle Kiss. They’re Australian and I doubt you’ve heard of them, but they’re so good. I recommend ‘Return to the City of Folded Arms,’ ‘Gangsterland,’ or ‘Hasten the Blows.’ Or anything, really. They make melodic, emotional indie rock (not emo, not that there’s anything wrong with that), fairly straight-forward, but with nice songwriting and lots of feedback at all the right places to make things interesting.

And how about Modest Mouse, except you probably already know about them.

You already have plenty of suggestions so I will limit to just one.

The Shins

How about . . .

Engine Down
Hey Mercedes
Hot Rod Circuit
Jealous Sound / Knapsack
Coheed and Cambria

Check out Epitonic.
It provides audio clips and list similar artists.
The Death and Dismemberment Tour was a great name.


Indie’s not my speciality, and you probally have all of these DaPuj, but for anyone else reading this thread these bands are good too.

Built to Spill
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Jet Black Crayon

Spoon fan here listening to The Shins right now. :slight_smile:

I’ll throw in Beachwood Sparks, Guster (if you haven’t already heard of them), and Beulah for a little more sublime pop.