Fans of Yes; help please

My Google Fu (the envy of all my friends) has utterly failed me.

I’m a big fan of Yes, and have been since their early days. Many years ago I came into possession of a sort of family tree of the band. It diagrammed all the interconnections between the members of Yes and all the musicians and bands they have played with. If I remember right, it had a definite Roger Dean look to it–in the background and typography. I think it was a concert handout from the late 70s, but it could have been an album insert.

Sadly, I lost it in a move at some point (or, it might have been the Oakland hills fire, in which I lost all my vinyl). Earlier today I was talking with my sister, who is also a huge fan, and I would dearly have loved to have been able to reference that document. I thought I would surely be able to find an image of it on the web, but so far no luck.

Can you help?

Pete Frame is the guy who is famous for his rock band family trees. He did a tree for Yes that appeared as the back cover foldout of the Yesyears box set. Being done in 1991, this followed Yes up to the eight-man “Union” band. You can see it here.

Thanks Biffy!

That’s not the one I saw before, but it’s even better. Cool!