Fans without blades

I’ve seen these fans in stores: A fan looking thing, but without the blades. Looks to me like a plastic base, and a plastic ring around imaginary blades. Has anyone tried one of these? Do they move air? If they move air, how do it happen??

Dyson fans.

there is a fan with blades inside in the base, the air is ducted to the ring. not as strong as being directly in the air stream.

There are blades. They’re hidden in the pedestal.

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Supposedly, the way air is expelled from the fan, around the rim, causes a much larger airflow through the opening, as Wikipedia puts it:

And yes, as already mentioned, there is a fan inside the base, although it contributes to only a fraction of the airflow. Although many people (e.g. Consumer Reports) seem to think that it is ridiculously expensive for a fan and that it doesn’t really do much more than a regular fan.

It lets other people know you can afford to waste $200 on $30 worth of fan.

I found a picture of the inside of 1 and put it on my website: Dyson is playing with words and calling them “impellers”, but yes, they still have blades.

I’ve played with them at the store. They’re very nifty, but not enough for the price they’re asking. My $25 Target fan works well enough for me.