'Fansedge' is hijacking my Amazon

Something weird is happening every time I try to find something on Amazon.com. I can search on the main front page, but if I try to find anything related to ‘Sports and Outdoors’, I’m being hijacked to an Amazon page with a ‘Fansedge’ banner that seems to be part of Amazon.

Malware? Spyware? Something else?

Do not fear - I just went there and I’m seeing the same thing. It’s just some sort of branding that Amazon is apparently doing for sports related stuff.

Report it to Amazon as a problem with malware.
maybe if a hundred thousand people tell them they think their advertising is spyware, they’ll clean it up.

I’ve done that with Paypal… Maybe if the biggest scam going is Paypal phishing, you should not be sending out unsolicited paypal emails.

I assumed it was malware, because it changes the default in the search bar to “Search Fansedge” instead of “Search Amazon”.

Good idea, I’m going to report it.

Wow that’s weird. I use AdBlock and I still see the FansEdge stuff. And it doesn’t seem to be a brand (like their weirdo “My Habit” thing) it just seems to be a marketplace seller. If you click the red FansEdge banner you get taken to a seller page…of sorts (still not malware).

For me, the site looks like it always does. Don’t see “Fansedge” anywhere.

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Yeah, now I see it on that page. For a minute I thought Amazon knew me well enough to know I’m not interested in sports shit.

I reported it via chat to Harsh Kumar and good old Harshy tells me they’re going to get rid of it.